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Spanish locale fix

October 05, 2009 — BarryK
Forum member myselfo reported this:

In the new locale selection screen during the bootup when no previous session is saved, there is something strange:

an-ES Spain

But that's not correct, the code for Spain should be es-ES... but when I try to select es-ES it appears as "Mexican, Spain". Actually the language is listed as Mexican for every Spanish-language country, which is kind of funny, but wrong Smile
It should be "Spanish, Spain", "Spanish, Mexico", "Spanish, Chile", and so on.

I fixed the script /usr/sbin/chooselocale.

But, what is the "an" part of "an_ES"?

...ah, found it. The "an" is "Aragonese", which is a minor language in Spain.

I fixed a couple of others too, such as "el_" is "Greek" not "Cypriotic". "mk_" is not "Fyrom", it's "Macedonian" (?).



Locales fix
Username: panzerpuppy
""es_" is Spanish,not "Mexican". "an_" is "Aragonese". "el_" is "Greek" not "Cypriotic". "mk_" is not "Fyrom", it's "Macedonian" All codes are correct now. Good job Barry :)

Thanks for this!
Username: ottod
"I am Guatemalan, México is our northern neighbour. Telling us that we speak Mexican is sort of a practical joke around here. I smiled when I had to select my locale. Thanks for the fix. I had some weeks not checking the Puppy blog. I found now a diverse variety of posts coming from Barry, not just tech: sat TV, vegetarianism, cartoons. Wouldn't be fun to have a Puppy Conference, with four moments: 1. Doctoral dissertation about Puppy Linux, by Barry Kauler. 2. "Bring your own laptop" hack session, led by Barry Kauler. Wifi & Internet courtesy of hotel 3. Barbecue in honor of Barry Kauler and the Puppy Team. Here participants get a chance to know about Barry's non computer related interests like the ones mentioned above (cartoons, joy of being vegetarian) 4. Next day: optional tour around Australian city where Conference is held. Proceedings go half to Barry and half to Barry´s designated foundation (not necessarily Puppy related).

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