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SVG solution

October 13, 2009 — BarryK
Thanks to forum member ljfr, I was able to implement a solution to the problem of some SVG icons not displaying (see previous blog post).

ljfr found that upgrading the shared_mime_info package to the latest fixed the problem.

In Puppy, the shared_mime_info files are cutdown and inside the rox_filer package. It is also a rather old version of shared_mime_info.

shared_mime_info is overdue to be upgraded, and will have to be done when we upgrade rox_filer.

But for now, with 431-final imminent, I do not want to "rock the boat". I found out that just one file needs to be upgraded, /usr/share/mime/magic, so as a temporary measure, just for 431 really, I have created a new package '' with just that one file in it.

Note, the reason it starts with "z" is so that Woof will copy it into the live-CD last, overwriting the existing 'magic' file.

I have done some tests, and nothing else seems to be broken. The Rox mime-handling uses the 'magic' file, as does the 'file' utility, and they seem happy with the new file.

But, I think that I will have to bring out an RC2, just to be sure. Of course, once again, I hope that I can just promote it to the final after a couple of days.

I will probably upload 431-RC2 tomorrow.


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