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Verified Open Office SFS works

October 05, 2009 — BarryK
Ramachandran reported:

I have downloaded the open office sfs file put it mnt/home. However, the same is not working. On clicking the SFS file it shows mounting. But nothing happens. I have tried system-boot manager.However, it showing no sfs in mnt/home ! What to do

There are a couple of other similar reports in the forum 431-bugs thread.

I have just been through the whole exercise. A pristine 430 running from CD, downloaded Open Office 3.1.1 SFS from ibiblio, to /mnt/home.
I chose it in the BootManager, rebooted, it works fine.

It works.
Please check the md5sum.
Please download a SFS version 4 if running the kernel, or SFS version 3 for older kernels.

It is difficult to go wrong. If you have checked the md5sum, then the file is ok. When you run the BootManager it pops up a window telling you if any SFS files at /mnt/home are the wrong version.

So, it works.

Er, you do have a "pupsave" file and a partition mounted at /mnt/home?


Barry,check this out - Multiuser Puppy = WOW!
Username: panzerpuppy
Awesome news form Pizzasgood: This is just what people needed. Barry,can you implement this feature in the upcoming 4.3.1? This will finally make Puppy the best choice among the millions of Linux distros.

smaller puppy iso files in nluug?
Username: AdrianPup
"Hello: Why some special-puppies iso files in are smaller than the same files in ibiblio. Thanks, AdrianPup

Open Office SFS
Username: Ramachandran
"Dear Sir Thank you very much for your prompt reply & help. In this regard, you may please note that I am using SFS 4 version and the same is put on full hard disk installation in sda10 ( Dual Boot)and Kernal is I checked at my Office as well as my home pc. Both pc showing same error message ie that is SFS is not in mnt/home. However, I am able to run Open office in my office PC through SFS Installation Package, which was downloaded separately. Even though menu is not working. I located the swriter in one of directory and put into run Open office. I have not run md5sum. I will do it tomorrow morning and let you know the status. I would be very greateful to you if you could help me to solve my Open SFS problem. I am thanking you once again. Sir Ramachandran

openoffice.sfs installation
Username: smil99
"Ramachandran wrote: "... you may please note that I am using SFS 4 version and the same is put on full hard disk installation in sda10 ( Dual Boot)and Kernal is" I think your problem stems from the fact that you have a full install puppy whilst .SFS files are made to work with frugal install. Solution: You may create a .pet out of the mounted .sfs directory by running dir2pet filename.sfs. This will result in a rather large .pet file but that can be installed in a full install puppy and the menu entries will be created automatically. Hope this helps. Cheers. smil99

re 431
Username: BarryK
"panzerpuppy, 431 is [b]essential bugfixes for 430 only[/b]. AdrianPup, This has been a long-term problem with nluug. I'm not sure, but I think that I sent them an email about it a long time ago. Anyway, yesterday I sent them an email explaining the problem.

bugfixes only
Username: PaulBx1
"Yes, multiuser Puppy changes are hardly appropriate for a bugfix release. However, I have to agree with the need for this in 4.4 or 5.0. This is the single largest bitch about Puppy in virtually every review of Puppy I have read. I love root logins, think it's the correct default; but to be taken seriously in the linux world, Puppy truly needs an easy way to convert to multiuser mode. I am very pleased Pizzasgood has taken this task on. Barry, I hope you put this near the top of your list for what goes into the next major release.

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