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October 07, 2009 — BarryK
In the 4.3 bugs thread in the forum, there are a few reports of the files on the Puppy 4.3 live-CD being incorrectly named. Especially "PUP_430.SFS".

What needs to be understood is that this is not a new "bug", all prior puppies have it.

The reason that you are seeing the wrong filenames is because you are using MS Windows. That is, running Windows, you plug in the Puppy CD and view the files in Windows Explorer.

I presume that you are doing this to copy the files for doing a frugal hard-drive install or USB Flash drive install.

The Puppy live-CD ISO file (CD image) is created without Joliet extensions -- this is needed for MS Windows to read the filenames on a CD/DVD correctly. This is what causes the problem.

The reason that Joliet extensions is left off is because I had experience that it breaks saving of sessions for the multisession-CD/DVD (saving sessions back to the CD/DVD, no hard-drive or other storage media required on the PC).

So, the question must be raised, why are you running Windows to copy the files off the Puppy CD? You need to wean yourself off this dependence on Windows. Boot the live-CD, then you have a running Puppy!

Alternatively, maybe you only have the downloaded 'pup-430.iso' live-CD image, you have not burnt it to CD, and you are running MS Windows, and you use a Windows application (Isobuster?) to view the contents of the ISO file and copy out the files.
Really, you "should" be running Puppy or some other Linux, but if you really must be running Windows to perform this operation, then copy the files and then rename them...

This is how Windows sees the files:

For frugal install, copy the required file to the destination then rename them to:
initrd.gz pup-430.sfs vmlinuz zp430305.sfs

...most important, rename PUP_430.SFS to pup-430.sfs!

Note, viewing inside an ISO file when running Puppy is a piece of cake. Just click on it!


Don't think renaming helps
Username: darwinev0lved
I hit a further problem with trying to set up Puppy from Windows. After a bit of cursing I realized that the filenames were wrong as you pointed out. So I renamed them. Booted puppy but then it would not create a save file. So I think there may be some other odd problem lurking here. Regards Jon

Why Windows' fault?
Username: dgcom
"Sorry, but why are you blaming Windows for the bug with multi-session recording in Windows? Also, if you are using ISO 9660 file system, you probably should adhere to its standard, which does restrict characters used in file names. I understand the issue, but I think that problem is not where you say it is.

Windows fault?
Username: BarryK
"Your response is a gross misread of my post. Of course it is not Windows' fault. I left off Joliet extensions as it breaks multisession saving (that part is a bug or limitation in the Joliet extensions). ISO files are normally created with Joliet extensions, and then this file naming problem would not occur. The Puppy ISO does have Rock Ridge extensions, which provides the extended filename support for Linux. Which is why the filenames look correct in Linux.

"Poor Man's Install"
Username: technosaurus
"I recall doing this with Puppy and DSL about 5 years ago because I was too cheap/lazy/unsure to get and burn a CD. There was a tutorial on the dsl ikonboard that helped me figure it out - strangely Puppy worked and DSL did not. I still have not burned a single Puppy CD for myself (countless numbers for others though) btw - have you considered using the xz patch I made to petget (changes 2 files and adds dir2pxt and pxt2txz) It may help with your 4GB limit by ~30%

Username: JMX
"I found that 7-zip (yes, while in Windows) will extract Puppy's ISO's very nicely. Proper syntax, proper case, perfect...

Username: JMX
"I found that 7-zip (yes, while in Windows) will extract Puppy's ISO's very nicely. Proper syntax, proper case, perfect...

Username: moogsydodong
"I'm always using windows to set up my puppy in the usb flash drive...In the past I've used unetbootin for this but after I've figure out how frugal install is done I've been doing it manually using 7-zip to extract puppy-xxx.iso contents... very convenient...

re 7-zip
Username: BarryK
"That's very interesting about 7-zip. Perhaps we should have a web page somewhere that explains about 7-zip, and I should link to it from the main Puppy download page. "xz": not not yet. Right now I'm working on absolute essential bugfixes only for the upcoming 431.

7z Puppy Mac Win
Username: broomdodger
"I compiled 7z on Puppy 430. Works great command line. Also use it on Mac and WinXP.

Wronmg filenames because we are using Windows ...
Username: ICPUG
"I don't actually buy this explanation of the reason behind the problem. I think it is more the tool that is used to extract the files from the iso - not because I am using Windows. I use Isobuster v. and it extracted the files correctly from the standard Puppy 4.3 iso. The posts I have seen seem to have problems with the Puppy 4.3 small iso and one poster certainly solved his problem by using a recent version of Isobuster. In earlier days I used Isobuster v.1.9.1 so maybe that doesn't work. Isobuster now supports Joliet AND Rock Ridge, so I am not surprised it works. As to the comment that we 'should' be using Puppy and get over our Windows dependency I say that's a bit arrogant. I will use whatever system I choose that does the job and not what someone tells me to use, whether that someone is Bill Gates/Steve Ballmer, Steve Jobs or Barry Kauler. As I have stated elsewhere, when I created the Lin'N'Win method using Isobuster the whole reason behind using Windows and tools running under Windows was to cater for those who had older machines without a writeable CD-ROM drive. They couldn't create a Puppy Live CD to use the Puppy tools to extract the files from the iso. Also, Windows refugees are more comfortable with Windows and need to be GENTLY coaxed into using Puppy not told to use tools they are not familiar with. I also take issue with the comment that all prior puppies have this 'bug'. There were no problems with previous puppies, perhaps because the underscore character, rather than hyphen, was used in filenames. (underscore is supported by the ISO 9660 filesystem for CD-ROMs whereas hyphen is not). Was it necessary to change? If it works, don't fix it.

Username: BarryK
"[i]As to the comment that we 'should' be using Puppy and get over our Windows dependency I say that's a bit arrogant.[/i] Lighten up. I made the comment lightly. Some of us have a humorous vein and it reflects in posts. I shouldn't have to use <humour> tags.

7zip not fool proof (and I'd know!)
Username: zygo
"I've had trouble with 7zip too with a Puppy derivative and reported it. I think it was just the case not the _ - thing. The maker of the iso said that the console software that was in Puppy at the time couldn't reliably make the case appear correctly in ms. I can not find this on the forum. Also there's an easier way to extract with 7zip. I'll be at an ms pc tomorrow. I'll try to convey that tip.

The CD filename problem in Windows
Username: Raffy
"There two things to remember here: 1. The name problem (names in UPPERCASE) happens when a Puppy CD is inserted in Windows. So if you have a CD drive, make sure to BOOT your PC with that CD. Then install Puppy. 2. The pup sfs used to be named pup_xxx.sfs (underscore). With version 4.30, it is now pup-430.sfs (hyphen). (Am not sure if it shows as such when read by Windows from the CD.)

'-' versus '_'
Username: BarryK
"[i]2. The pup sfs used to be named pup_xxx.sfs (underscore). With version 4.30, it is now pup-430.sfs (hyphen). (Am not sure if it shows as such when read by Windows from the CD.)[/i] I could probably go back to using the underscore, but not for 4.3.1, as the change will cause many many repercussions. alecz, I do not know why you have a problem there. But, I am sure that you can find out by systematic analysis. You are running Puppy, booted from a live-CD. Mount the CD: do the filenames look ok? Mount the hd that you have installed to: files ok? What is the filesystem on the hd? One thought, you have a very old hd, that has a filesystem that does not support long filenames, only 8.3 filenames. ...use Gpart to find out exactly what f.s. you have on the hd. It has been awhile since I had anything to do with those very old fat filesystems, will have to refresh my memory. Anyway, even the most ancient fat f.s. supports both '-' and '_' in filenames. It is iso9660 that has the problem. So, there has to be something that is logically wrong somewhere in what you are doing. Suggestion: mount the hd like this (if partition is sdb1): # mount -t msdos /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 # ls /mnt/sdb1 # umount /mnt/sdb1 ...if the names are wrong, let me know. You can correct them before unmounting. Do try the above, not just the GUI tools in Puppy, as Puppy mounts a fat f.s with '-t vfat', and that might be hiding your problem.

<humour> tags
Username: Feverfew
" You [i]can[/i] convey exactly what you wont to say without tags but some will still take you out of context because thy are incapable of scanning posts with out gratuitous amounts of pictograms >;) I love cats lol =)

Username: BarryK
"Probably I should put a comment in my personal bio page. I don't take anything very seriously, life is a game, a joke. Life is also very beautiful, when I stand outside and see this creation, but that's another story. I find the whole MS versus Linux thing to be quite funny, and whenever I adopt a serious attitude you need to know I'm smiling.

Thinkpad 560X
Username: Bizimonki
"Hi, I am having the same issue with this pup-430.sfs and it is with the small ISO, but I have tried using the retro versions and I cannot get it to boot completely without a kernel panic. 4.13 loads great and is quite fast, but how do I upgrade it as I have no bootable CD, USB, floppy drive. I have network and can copy the iso... I want the better distro but it looks likes hubris so far.

Username: Marek
"> Boot the live-CD, then you have a running Puppy! To use the live CD you need to download an iso first and to burn it to CD then. This doesn't seem to work with windows.

Username: Marek
"funny, at least with my machines it doesn't seem to be a windows issue at all. Some infos: I burned [url=]pup-431.iso to CD with ImgBurn on Vista. This CD boots and installs to: [code] - a Notebook Compaq 6715s - a Virtualbox on that Notebook - an old PC, Athlon XP 1700, AMIBIOS 05/07/2002 [/code] it doesn't on: [code] -a Notebook IBM Thinkpad 770X [/code] So I burned [url=]pup-430.iso to CD as above. This did the trick for the Thinkpad. Then I upgraded with the [url=] It took me quite some time experimenting with 4.3.1 to no avail, so this is a serious issue, as many folks will use Puppy for older machines, too. Users should be encouraged to try 4.3 when 4.3.1 doesn't work.

Username: Marek
"for what it's worth: I can't delete my comments, the password isn't accepted. Maybe it's because I used an umlaut? I can comment with it, though. Typo on the result page for deleting comments: "Deletting" Else, Puppy rocks, after all. Woof!

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