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Woof plans

October 18, 2009 — BarryK
Just to let everyone know what I'm doing, or rather, plan to do.

For sometime I have only used Woof to build a "Ppup" (Puppy from Puppy packages), that is, working toward 4.3.1.

So, the other compatible-distros have not been recently tested, and with the GUI not at all.

I have now started working on building from Karmic Koala (the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10) packages. Immediately I have found some problems with the GUI. Also I have made some improvements to the GUI to clarify how to use it.

When I get a successful "Karmic Puppy" built, I'll upload another snapshot of the Woof tarball.



woof is not an OS
Username: 01micko
"Ramachandran There is no use of a woof iso. It is to be expanded in it's own linux partition and run.. it [i]builds[/i] an OS from which then you make an iso.See this link. Cheers

Karmic Upup
Username: Terryphi
"Presumably Ramachandran is requesting a Karmic Upup iso. Not an unreasonable request as Barry provided a Upup iso for a previous version. It all helps with testing.

PPKG in Woof
Username: BarryK
"I was keen to test Wosh's superb PPKG, yes it works perfectly. I have put it into Woof. I renamed the category file as 'ppkg.ctg' and put it and 'ppkg' into the 'support' folder in Woof. I modified '3builddistro' to copy 'ppkg' and 'ppkg.ctg' into sandbox3/rootfs-complete/usr/local/petget (the built Puppy) (the script already had code to copy 'find_cat' and '0setup'). I modified '0setup' to test for existence of 'ppkg' and 'ppkg.ctg' in support folder, else in /usr/local/petget. Then '0setup' will call 'ppkg' to convert Ubuntu or Debian package databases to Puppy format.

Woof plans
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry just wondering if your going to update Dpup, Would be nice to have it working out of the woof-box :) also 2 series woof needs work with dead links and other parts. It nice you that you like Ubuntu etc, but the others need some work also :) I still prefer Dpup over Upup,It feels faster and my monitor doesn't flash. ttuuxxx

Username: Raffy
"It will be nice to decide on the U- D- or S- (in the future Woof) based on the problem that the pup is trying to solve. Is it the slowness in the mainstream distro (some caution here)? Is it package compatibility (allowing use of a steady stream of well-tested packages)? Is it the adaptation of the pup in alternative platforms (like the ARM, say the Beagleboard or the Pandora)? There is also the XO, see here: IMHO, having a problem focus will give Woof a sure positive impact in the community. My .0002 cents. :)

Flavors of WOOF?
Username: edoc
"Could there be flavors of WOOF? WOOF-D WOOF-U etc. Then perhaps a WOOF-Auto that tests for the source and executes instructions relevant to the source? Then even WOOF-Multi that can build a Pup from multiple sources, taking WOOF-Auto to the next level? Just imagining the possibilities ...

Woof squashfs
Username: nickdobrinich
"My build of Woof was totally and completely great! Excellent work. As far as additional sfs modules, it says that my build requires version 3 files, since it got built using squashfs 3.2-r2-CVS module. Is this correct? I built with the kernel.

Username: BarryK
"kernel >= 2.6.29 requires sfs4.

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