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Dim version control

November 04, 2009 — BarryK
I think that I have finally found a version control system that is to my liking:

With all due respect to CVS, SVN, GIT and the rest, I find them too complicated and big.

Dim is a single shell script, and even works with Dash/Ash.

I'm thinking that I'll have Dim in the 'devx' SFS file, so it becomes a standard feature in Woof builds.

I reckon, finally, I might put Woof onto version control on my website, and let others have direct input.
...if anyone sees a problem with doing that using Dim, let me know.


Username: gposil
Agree, Barry, Dim looks simple and comprehensive. Including it in devx is the way to go... I think versioning Woof is the right move...I certainly don't see a proble at this stage.

Username: Pizzasgood
"Good stuff. It's distributed, which is a big plus in my eyes. As for problems, the only real one that I see without having actually using it is that according to the manpage, "Symbolic links, empty directories and special files are not supported yet." That isn't a big problem, just something to keep in mind. The occasional device file that may be needed would have to either be pulled out of an archive or created on the fly with mknode. (Preferably the latter, as it's easier to version scripts than archives.)

version control
Username: technosaurus
"I recently had a similar quest and ended up starting this thread (What the hell is up with GIT?) it had some amazingly positive results. Amigo even produced a patched version of GIT that uses a shared (much much smaller)... as well as many others. Another one that I liked for its simplicity was fossil (I patched the Makefile to use [b]UPDATED[/b] system sqlite), but it may not meet your needs. Dim seems better... though it never showed up in any of my searches and it wasn't even on wikipedias list - Great find Barry!

Re Dim
Username: BarryK
"Yes, Dim looks promising, if it works as advertised. I have only had a small amount of time to look at it so far, ran into a problem straight away on the "Quick Start" page, when the very first line that I had to execute, failed. As far as I can see, the Quick Start page is for an older version of Dim. I looked at their mail-list archive, it looks like only the two developers have ever been involved in it. Well, I have joined the mail-list, and will post a question about that so-called "Quick Start".

Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, I never knew about Fossil. Checking it out.

Woof system, bug reports
Username: clarf
"Hi Barry, I´m glad you are working in Woof, there are some bugs related to Woof system that are affecting other pups made with it. I reported some of this bugs in the wrong place (mainly dpup-482beta testing), but I didn´t see a thread for Woof bugs in Murga-Linux Forum, for this reason I report them here. My reports are related to 1. locale settings: Although It was reported later in the Puppy forum (There is no such thing as Brasilian language), surely there are other languages wrong. 2. kernel panic at boot time: Please look at them Barry, if I can help you with additional tests or anything else, let me know. Thank you for the attention pleased, clarf

re:Woof bugs
Username: gposil
"clarf ...the locale setting bug you mention has already been fixed...Barry did that some time back... As to the kernel panic problem..the suggestions you made have already been incorporated into dpup beta5 woof build...I think Barry is working on his Woof scripts over the next months...

Improved Woof system
Username: clarf
"Thanks gposil for the information, Seems that dpup beta5 is going to be a very solid release (dpup is already very stable for me now in beta3). I only hope those many changes made to dpup and puppy 4.4, can be finally integrated in Woof´s Barry system. I suggest that some feedback system should be officially maintained between Barry and other pups developers using Woof. In this way Puppy community could know every improve made to Woof. The version control is a important step forward to accomplish it. As always Barry is a step ahead from the problem. Greetings, clarf

from dim's author
Username: Marc
"Hello, I created dim and am one of its 2 developers. Nice to see some interest from you. Puppy linux is a nice and cool project, in my radar screen for some time. If I can do anything to help you... Would be very happy to get any feedback to improve dim and go further Marc

Dim Quick start
Username: BarryK
"Marc, Hi, Yesterday I made an application to join your Dim mail list, no approval yet -- I just got an acknowledgement of my application and that it had to be approved by a moderator. I haven't done anything much with Dim yet, as I ran into problems with the Quick Start page. Two of the examples seem to be for an older version of Dim. They were: [i] $ dim mkjob jobdir # create jobdir/.dimlib[/i] and [i] $ dim mkclone item-v2 ~/item # obtain a writable copy of item-v2[/i] ...but, I have looked online right now, and you have updated that web page! :happy: Okay, I'll have another go.

Username: Marc
"Barry, you should be subscribed to the dim mailing list and be able to receive from and send to Dim just works, but the doc lags behind (few incentives so far), so don't hesitate to ask. Good luck, Marc

Dim error message
Username: BarryK
"Marc, As you might be reading this, I'll report this problem here. Yesterday when I was attempting to use Dim, I did figure out what was wrong at the start of the Quick Start page, and managed to download your repository. But it gave error messages: [code]mkdir testproject1 cd testproject1 dim mkjob dim get -a ...seems to have downloaded ok, to testproject1/.dimlib/archive/dim but each tarball has error msgs: # dim mkjob # dim get -a local: /mnt/sda3/sources/input021/0-dim/testproject1/.dimlib remote: get user/hd (22 bytes) get user/mv (16 bytes) /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2765: 3: Bad file descriptor /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2784: 4: Bad file descriptor get user/pb (27 bytes) /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2765: 3: Bad file descriptor /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2784: 4: Bad file descriptor get user/ (239 bytes) /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2765: 3: Bad file descriptor /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2784: 4: Bad file descriptor get user/ (234 bytes) /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2765: 3: Bad file descriptor /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2784: 4: Bad file descriptor ....etc... get archive/dim/dim-0.5.4-mv1-pb1--0.5.4-mv1.tar.gz (672 bytes) /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2765: 3: Bad file descriptor /usr/local/bin/dim: line 2784: 4: Bad file descriptor [/code] ...what does "bad file descriptor" mean?

Re: dim error
Username: Marc
"The error (non fatal) you have is due to an input/output from/to a closed file descriptor with the sub-shell performing network operations. It's may be a bug fixed in dim-0.5.4-mv1. You could also send me the output of 'dim -V' to identify your platform and shell. Marc

Re: Dim
Username: BarryK
"dim -V reports: [i]dim-0.5.4 Linux i686 bash 3.00.16(1)-release[/i] Puppy uses an old version of Bash! We also have Busybox Ash, that we sometimes use in scripts as it is fast -- similar to Dash I think. Forum member Dougal was comparing Ash with Dash sometime ago and would know the differences.

Re: dim
Username: Marc
"> Puppy uses an old version of Bash! Dim supports bash from version 2 (i.e bash-2.05 on MacOSX), and should work also with ash/dash. I have not tested the busybox flavor yet. To test it, you just run "ash ./dim ... " or whatever shell interpreter name. Will see if I can reproduce your error.

Re: dim error
Username: Marc
"Barry, the error you had in dim-0.5.4 (Bad file descriptor...) is fixed in dim-0.5.4-mv1-pb1 that you should already have. You can just install this version (i.e cp jobdir/.dimlib/item/dim/dim-0.5.4-mv1-pb1/dim ~/bin). I will shortly publish an updated version. Thanks, Marc

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