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Fossil: database integrity

November 14, 2009 — BarryK
I have a very temperamental Internet connection -- dish on the roof pointing at a satellite. Apart from the over-one-second round trip, the connection drops out randomly then comes good again seconds or minutes later -- clouds? atmospheric affects?

Anyway, one of these dropouts occurred while I was syncing my local Fossil repository with the online one, which caused the operation to hang. It then raised the whole question about possible corruption of a repository.

I raised this question in the Fossil mail list:

Dr Hipp also referred me to this page:

The precautions taken against any kind of corruption are very impressive.

Note, I have updated this page, added a Fossil Quick Guide, but it needs more work:


Fossil shelved
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I found five limitations in Fossil that made it awkward to host Woof. I created workarounds for four of them, but gave up on the fifth. See posts in my blog for November. See also:

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