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Fossil progress

November 11, 2009 — BarryK
I have made progress, of sorts. I logged into my Fossil Woof online repository and changed permission to 'clone' from 'anonymous' user to 'nobody'.

I then did this:

> fossil clone woof.fossil has downloaded the correct 'woof.fossil', which has my modifications (title, logo).

Hmmm, the Quick Start guide said nothing about having to do that.

Note, it is essential to have 'woof.cgi' on the URL in the above clone operation.

I'll follow through the other things I did in the last post, see if it all works this time...


Test script
Username: Raffy
It's really a joy to work with the Web (and the connected people), especially for software dev. How about having the script to create net-booted Quirky as a test (mini)project? That will be fun. :)

Fossil: commit
Username: BarryK
"I've been reading through the Fossil mail-list to try and understand things a bit better. There is something that seems a bit odd. Let's say that I have a repository file, and I checkout the latest project tree. As I did in my previous post, where I checked out from 'woof.fossil' into directory 'woof-tree'. Then I create lots of new files inside 'woof-tree', maybe even subdirectories with heaps of files and even sub-sub-directories. Then I want to check-in all this new stuff to the repository. It seems that I have to run 'fossil add <filename>' for every single file! That seems to be tedious and error prone. What if I miss a file? -- then I would have a file in the tree but not in the repository, but I wouldn't know about the oversight? Is there something wrong or incomplete with my understanding here?

Fossil presentation
Username: BarryK
"Dr Hipp, the founder of Fossil, gave a presentation on Fossil. Here are his slides:

Fossil: [ and [[ invalid
Username: BarryK
"Some characters are invalid in filenames: The Woof source tree has the files '[' and '[[' in boot/initrd-tree0/bin. Fossil does not allow them (Dim doesn't either), so I will have to rename them, to some unique names, like 'LEFTSQUAREBRACKETCHAR' and 'DOUBLELEFTSQUAREBRACKETCHAR' and the Woof distro build script '3builddistro' would have to pick that up and name them back.

busybox links
Username: technosaurus
"Last time I built busybox, I set up a script that made all of the links to busybox automatically. This was to prevent it from accidentally overwriting the full versions if they existed, but it should also work for your [ and [[ problem. It was something like this (not exactly though): [code]echo #!/bin/sh ls -1 >> bblinks sed -i "s/n/n ln -s busybox /g" bblinks sed -i "ln -s busybox n//g" bblinks[/code]

Fossil add
Username: BarryK
"I have joined the Fossil mail list. I posted a question and got lots of replies -- that creates a very good first impression! I'm most pleased about this reply from Joshua Paine: [code]> It seems that I > have to add one file at a time, but what if I have put a lot of stuff > into my source tree, do I then have to go and run 'add' on each file? > ...that seems error-prone also. Or, am I missing something still? You can use shell wildcards, e.g., `fossil add *.rb` and if you add a directory, all contents are added recursively. And it doesn't hurt to re-add things that have already been added. So if everything in your source tree is supposed to be in the repository, you can `fossil add .` and everything you just added will be added to the repo in one go.[/code]

Fossil mail list
Username: BarryK
"Oh yes, here is the archive of my post and the replies: And a link to all of the archive:

Fossil moved
Username: BarryK
"I'm still experimenting with the Fossil version control system. The more I learn, the more I like it. My experimental setup has moved slightly: ...I'm going to start experimenting with putting some files into it, and generally play around. If my confidence reaches a certain level, then I'll "go for it" (Fossil as the official Woof version control, wiki and bug tracking system).

Fossil shelved
Username: BarryK
"I found five limitations in Fossil that made it awkward to host Woof. I created workarounds for four of them, but gave up on the fifth. See posts in my blog for November. See also:

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