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Fossil: Woof repository not ready

November 14, 2009 — BarryK
Just in case you go to my new Fossil version control repository and see all files are uploaded:

Don't be tempted to do a checkout yet, as described here:

...because it won't work. That is, the Woof build scripts will fail.

Fossil cannot store empty directories, files with '[' or ']' in them, and device nodes. Therefore I have had to employ workarounds to get them in.

The build scripts will have to be aware of these workarounds, and I have not yet done that. Hopefully will do that tonight or tomorrow.

As far the the T2 build, there are still some bugs that need to be fixed, plus I will have to upload the latest set of raw binary compiled packages.

I'll announce when it is ready.

Note, once it's up, I'll be syncing with it every time I make a local change, so you will be getting my very latest Woof.


Username: pcam
Barry, Have you logged bugs/tickets with Fossil ? Had a quick search, but did not seem to find any describing your issues. Seems to me that Fossil is actively maintained and I would hope these issues can be fixed quickly.

Username: Pizzasgood
"Those are pretty standard issues, so I doubt they are bugs. Well, the [[ one might be. But for example, Git doesn't allow empty directories either, and both Git and SVN can't handle device nodes. Another thing you should check on is permissions and ownership. If there are any files that need to have certain permissions (especially the more oddball permissions like setuid, sticky, etc) or ownerships, check to see whether fossil is tracking those. I don't remember about SVN, but I know that Git won't track things like that.

Ownership, permissions
Username: BarryK
"Pizzasgood, C**p, I forgot to check that, and yeah, Fossil does not save any special permissions nor ownerships. So far, I have implemented workarounds for these three: 1. Files named '[[' and '[' 2. Empty directories 3. Device nodes. Sigh, now I have to see if I can create a workaround for the permissions and ownerships. I checked rootfs-skeleton/tmp and rootfs-skeleton/root/spot, found they have been changed to 755 owner:group root:root. Sigh... Fossil is designed to work on multiple operating systems, so I guess it has to be whatever is the lowest-common-denominator (Windows).

Invalid chars in filenames
Username: BarryK
"Oh yeah, and that's why '[' and ']' aren't allowed in filenames, because Fossil has to work on multiple operating systems. There was something in the Fossil mail list about that.

Username: Pizzasgood
"The permissions and ownership isn't only because of Windows. Most people use these sorts of programs for source code, not OS development. For source files, permissions are irrelevant, and often people will use different conventions on their systems - I might use 644 for normal files, Bob might use 600, Cindy might use 660 and not even own the file in question, but be a member of the group. So if the permissions were tracked, it would cause issues for that sort of development. The find command has an option to search for files with certain permissions. I don't remember how it works off the top of my head though.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry, by far your a great developing genius. But I do question a few minor things when it comes to woof and quickly moving on to Fossil. Karmic woof, does not have a working compiling compiler that new2dir works. Neither does Dpup, I I haven't tried Spup or Apup, if they are still around, but really your woof releases need some TLC, If you can't compile/build build packages out of the box then why have a devX as a option, I know you went full throttle with J-Upup, but the others need attending to. gposil latest release trying to fix basic issues without adding really anything other than wbar, a couple of small apps, and replacing Seamonkey with Firefox, which is smaller, is 156MB iso. It should be around 110-130MB max. Its nice that you give us something to work with, but by far your the boy genius. Would/Could it be possible to have a look at your woof software, and test each version and make sure it compiles and builds packages with "new2dir" new2dir looks likes its broken in a few woof releases, and is really needed more than the attention your giving to Fossil. I'm not asking for RC1 woof, just a working compiler that has been tested. I can't even build leafpad and a package it on Karmic with new2dir. Thanks once again for all you do ttuuxxx

Fossil shelved
Username: BarryK
"I found five limitations in Fossil that made it awkward to host Woof. I created workarounds for four of them, but gave up on the fifth. See posts in my blog for November. See also:

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