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Notes for 4.4 developers

November 03, 2009 — BarryK
Just a couple of quick notes, while I think of it.

OpenSSH package in 4.3.1 is too old (4.7p1). It doesn't support SSH v2. My host recently upgraded their SSH, and I had to compile the latest OpenSSH (5.3p1).

Pburn. I'm using version 3.1.2, in Puppy 4.3.1. I burnt an audio file to CD. At completion I exited via the "File" menu, that is, the proper way. However there was still a process left running. I had to kill it to be able to unmount the partition. This problem is repeatable.


Username: woof
my opera or something is chewing my pupsave. so to find this extra now 32MB of creeping bloat that is causing problems i am trying to find big files with pfind. so now i get a new problem, not only cant i find the correct sized file, say over 2MB for instance in advanced search, but i also cant sort them meaning fully by clicking "size" in the search results. makes me very sad the level of refinement that is just not there. simple things just not done. 421 is a little better at finding specific size files but in other pfind areas is lacking what is in 431. been to all the usual places to track the bloat but no joy from mozilla cache or opera cache or flashplayer cookies. also cleared /root/.puppybrowser cache too. spent hours on this.

Big files
Username: BarryK
"Woof, To find big files, use Gdmap (see Filesystem menu). For any problems with Pfind, report to the developer Zigbert on the forum.

mystery solved.
Username: woof
"mystery solved. booted 431 with pfix=ram, then click mounted pupsave and had a look inside with GraphicalDiskMap(Gdmap). there in the click mounted pupsave were big files that I had thought had been saved to the SDcard which is usually mounted at /mnt/sdb1. these files had gone into a directory called /mnt/sdb1 in the pupsave and not onto the SDcard. perhaps caused by saving the files to SDcard when the SDcard is not mounted perhaps both in ROX and also by using wget or You2pup with /mnt/sdb1 specified as the download directory. deleted/moved the big files and now have the lost space back from those files back again.. I'd say its a bug that needs a fix

opera, gmap, and pupsave space
Username: woof
"found some more big files with gdmap. /var/tmp/ is a directory that contains opera crash doesn't seem to get rid of old crash reports and each report is 500K+ . deleted these crash reports and scored a few MB of space back into the pupsave.

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