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Offline for a few days

November 26, 2009 — BarryK
An announcement to let everyone know why I won't be posting here for awhile.

My daughter is flying over from Melbourne to Perth for the weekend, so I'll be in Perth staying with one of my sisters -- she doesn't have an Internet connection.

However, I will be continuing to work on the Tpup build, and plan to upload an alpha when I get back home. It works fine right now, I'm very pleased and using it as my regular daily distro. But, I should do more testing and refining.

There's a difference between Tpup and Quirky, in case you're confused! Tpup is just your usual Puppy-derivative or puplet built with Woof, similar to Dpup and Upup but instead built from T2 packages.

Quirky just twists it a bit, adds the quirks. In Woof, it's an extra script, '4quirkybuild'. The only quirky thing that I have done so far is put everything into the 'vmlinuz' kernel so that the entire distro is just one file.

So I'll describe the build as "Tpup" if it is a normal puplet, and as "Quirky" if it has the quirks. Early next week I might just upload Tpup, or I suppose I could upload both.

There's another quirky idea I'm keen to work on, soon as I get the time. The days aren't long enough for me!


Difference between TPup and Puppy 4.3.1
Username: ICPUG
What is the difference between TPup and Puppy 4.3.1 I presume TPup becomes part of the series 5 Puppies. Puppy 4.3.1 is built with Woof so is TPup the Barry successor to 4.3.1 or have I misunderstood something

Username: gposil
"Puppy 4.3.1 is what will become Ppup, ie a woof built Puppy using Puppy core, Tpup is T2 core, Dpup is Debian core, Upup is Ubuntu core, Spup is Slackware core...etc... Hope that explains it.

Request for next rev
Username: RetroTechGuy
"Hi Barry, Nice work, as usual. I wasn't sure where else to post this (it doesn't look like I can initiate a thread, so I'll follow here)... Over Thanksgiving break, I ran into a glitch of sorts. I'm using an older laptop (XP/NTFS), which has an internal USB1.1, and a PCMCIA USB 2.0... Since the HDD is NTFS, I didn't want to place the pupsave on the harddisk, but instead stored the files on a flash drive. Unfortunately, the boot sequence doesn't load PCMCIA drivers until after Puppy searches for pupsave files. This requires me to use the USB1.1, as it doesn't find the files on the added PCMCIA port... Could these drivers be moved up the boot sequence, so Puppy can see such added ports? Thanks! (BTW I'm in the process of converting several hardcore Linux types to the virtues of starting newbies on Puppy, rather trying to teach those newbies a complex installation ;)

Oops, forgot
Username: RetroTechGuy
"Forgot to tell you which version... I'm using Puppy 4.3.1

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