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Printing now works

November 26, 2009 — BarryK
Testing my Tpup, I recently reported trouble with printing. As reported, I rolled back to CUPS 1.3.11 which fixed recognition of my USB printer, however I got a "foomatic-rip failed" message when I tried to print.

It turned out to be a missing Perl script that foomatic-rip requires, ''. This script is part of the Perl package, however Puppy uses a cutdown Perl, very cutdown. I modified the Perl template in Woof to include this script.

Then I discovered a problem in /usr/sbin/cups_shell. As I'm using SM2 I don't have MU's lovely PuppyBrowser and have to use SM as the internal help viewer, also for the CUPS web interface.
cups_shell starts SM with a help page, then tries to open the CUPS web interface. The latter fails as SM needs a couple of seconds to start the help page, more time on older PCs. I fixed this.

Hey, my latest Tpup is just 90MB!



Tags: woof