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T2 compile in progress

November 03, 2009 — BarryK
I decided to do a T2 compile from source, as a basis for Quirky Linux. Mainly because I want it to be small.

My PC that I have dedicated to T2 builds is chugging away...

The main T2 developer, Rene, recently announced version 8.0rc, so they are finally moving toward another release. I grabbed the build tarball from subversion a few days ago.

The SVN package in Puppy's devx is not up to it, even though it was compiled in T2. It lacks support for connection to https://, which is due to a missing dependency. That's T2's fault, not including that dependency -- which is quite odd.
I used my Upup to grab T2 from SVN.

However, the SVN download still didn't work, something was missing. I solved the problem by merging my SVN download into 't2-8.0rc.tar.gz' (the official 8.0rc tarball).

It's not for the faint-hearted. Lots of compile errors, but I'm getting there.

T2 home:


Username: playdayz
Hi Barry, No hurry, no worries here, and completely off topic, but whenever you get around to it I would like to hear more about your plans for Woof. I am using 4.32 and it is totally functional for me but I would like to see development continue. The reason I favor uPup is that it uses the latest libc 2.9 I think, which allows it to run SRWare Iron. I guess I am just one of those geeks who likes to have the latest ;-( It is also very easy to go to the Ubuntu Packages and download and install programs that I would like to use or test. Xorg video drivers was also very easy to find, install, and use. And all of this with the Puppy desktop, speed, and fun. Stock Ubuntu is not the same thing at all. I can see you are on Quirky for a while now, which should be fun, but down the road there is at least one person who would like to see uPup grow into a big dog.

Username: kirk
"Here's an older svn pet that has ssl support: It installs in /usr/local, so if your current svn is in /usr you'll need to remove it. You might have to symlink your libssl to the one this was compiled against. I think it wants

Ram disk any use for compiling
Username: Tony
"Hi Barry but would compiling be faster with an old sever type machine stuffed with ram (As many gigs as needed. I say server board because they usually can take loads of RAM). Boot your system into this ram and use ram drives for everything and copy this finished stuff back to hard drive? Perhaps with modern caching this technique might not be worth using now but many years ago I did set up something like this that reduce time taken by a factor of about 20 or 30. Tony

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