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Testing T2 build

November 24, 2009 — BarryK
I did a recompile in T2. This is the third one recently. It took about 30 hours.

I'm aiming for small size, so am making quite a few radical decisions. The live-CD is 92MB, although I am aiming much lower than that.

Working nicely. Some issues of course. The compiling environment works -- I compiled Gxine.

And I'm online running it right now, using SeaMonkey 2.0.

Next thing to do is test printing....

I mentioned before, I'm doing this mainly for my Quirky Linux, which has one objective to be very small. Though, it's fine for any puplet. When I fix a few more bugs, I'll upload another Woof tarball and also the T2 .tar.bz2 binary packages (the Woof build system can download these to build a live-CD distro).


Username: Tony
Hi Barry, pardon my ignorance but I saw the figure 30 hours. These any help? (You are probably already aware of them) Speeds up subsequent runs Allows multiple PCs to run parallel compiling.

Username: nic2109
"What kit are you using to comile on? As the big data centres update kit then servers are replaced that they think are old hat and way off the pace. To you or me they'd be just sooooooooo capable, beyond our wildest dreams. These often end up with the kit recycling outfits, and are sometimes marketed at approaching give-away prices. You might need some 19" racking though! But sonmething from that kind of channel would eat your compliation tasks for breakfast and barely notice! The key will be loads of RAM and cache. Have you ever investigated along these lines?

T2 compiling
Username: BarryK
"Tony, T2 compiles every single package, over 500 of them, from source, and does so in a chrooted environment. Many of them have to be recompiled two or three times. That's why it takes 30 hours. nic2109, I used a PC with Celeron 2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM. That's the most powerful one I've got! FSB I don't recall. More RAM would probably help.

Username: nic2109
"Jeez Barry; that spec barely counts as a desktop these days let alone a server! I applaud the aim of bringing old kit back to life (and saving the planet too!) but if you could get something a bit more capable then your time spent compiling would plummet. Nick

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