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Zombies on TV

November 12, 2009 — BarryK
Until a few days ago, I could only receive one TV channel, our ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Government channel.

Now, with satellite TV, all sorts of stuff. I am only getting free-to-air channels. Well, kind of -- most of them are scrambled and require an Optus smartcard to view, a one-off purchase ($85).

I now get two commercial channels. I must say, after not watching any commercial TV for 10 years, my impression is these are mostly junk.
Many of the programs are lowest-common-denominator (sex, violence, money).

I now get SBS, which is a Government ethnic channel, sometimes has interesting stuff. On Monday night I watched "Dead Set", first of a 5-part series:

After that, I turned to another channel, and lo-and-behold, yet another zombie program, "Undead":

I missed the beginnings of both of these, so don't know exactly how these zombies got going. It seems, in the Undead movie it is a rain of meteorites that infect the people. Zombies attack others, if bitten you become a zombie also.

Oh dear, hasn't this been "done to death" already?
I'm not into horror movies. Though, this undead thing is kind of amusing because it is so dumb.


zombie planet incorporated

Welcome to Satellite TV
Username: Jos
Luis Lorente"Dumb is the word for TV nowadays, Barry, most of the shows broadcasted are just trash. But from time to time you get a program worth to see. And this is telling you someone that has been able to see Satellite TV for 20+ years now. Some other TV channels that might be worth to see, additionally to the ones posted by "password" are History Channel, Biography Channel and Geography Channel. The only programs that I see from Free Broadcasted TV are the News, and that is with some reserve.

Username: 8-bit
"So you thought you were seeing a zombie? Nah. Actually, it was Raffy after lack of sleep trying to get the WIKI of back up! Sorry to Raffy, I just couldn't resist.

TV 4 zombies
Username: lobster
"I watch some zombification from the web Mostly Iplayer (BBC) and Channe4 (UK) - who made the program you mention (not seen it) Something like this might be useful for you In the UK 30% of viewing is via the web and increasing.

Hypnosis of the Masses
Username: alienjeff
"I sold my VCR and television in 1997. No regrets. There are only two things I would watch anyway: Fox's "24" and Red Sox baseball. "24" is available on the web and DVD rental shop; and I listen to the Red Sox on the radio (one with an analog, slide rule "dial"). It would be interesting to calculate how much time I would have been bombarded by commercials in those 12 years ...

Username: Dougal
"If you want dumb, you can also watch Swift and Shift (, courtesy of Pauly from (Fat) Pizza (and featuring Angry Anderson!).

Username: PaulBx1
"Take that TV to the rifle range. "Study Reveals Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack"

nice link but...
Username: password
"lobster: "Something like this might be useful for you" which ones actually work in 431? or if you prefer which ones do you recommend? many have gxine plugin required or just don't get there in some other way. success in that i got NASA media channel to download an .asx file, and when i drag it into gxine,it will stream tv. it wont click due to file associations though. or should that be past tense because it wont play when i checked my NASA.asx again now.

Username: password
"ok got it now, copy the tv stream link from squid eg: mms:// into the playlist of gxine and click it then you get live tv.

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