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2createpackages improved

December 11, 2009 — BarryK
There was a comment on the forum that it is a limitation of '2createpackages' in Woof that it can either build one package or build all of them -- the latter takes a long time.

If you have changed a few packages, say new version and/or added new packages, but can't recall which ones exactly, I have added a new feature to '2createpackages' that takes care of this.

In the GUI there is now a 'CHANGED_ONLY' selection, or it can be done from the commandline:

> ./2createpackages CHANGED_ONLY

This looks to see what packages have been changed/added since last time 2createpackages was run, and only rebuilds those.

I am just about to test it. If it works, I'll probably upload the latest Woof in the morning (which also has the GRUB4DOS-compatible Universal Installer).

Tags: woof