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'pupsave' X GUI

December 31, 2009 — BarryK
Shinobar has posted to the forum Quirky 002 feedback thread:

quirky-002 does shudown by power button if acpid is fixed.
but still has a problem if it is boot up without pupsave(quirkysave).

boot up without pupsave (asume acpid is fixed), and pressed power button, what happens?
after 30 seconds going to shutdown, then the dialog asking where to save the session appears and waits reply forever.

one solution is add '--timeout' option with the dialog.
another way is use pupsaveconfig, a GUI tool to setup where to save the session.

i prepared the pupsaveconfig of the puppy 4.3.1JP ready for quirqy-002.
find available from here: has /etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown in it, with enhancements to recognise if the pupsave has already been chosen by the X GUI. I have mofified rc.shutdown since 002, with a fix to recognise memory cards that have /dev/mmcblk* device nodes. I have merged my lasted fix with shinobar's script and placed it at /etc/rc.d in Woof.

The scripts in are pretty integral to the 'rootfs-skeleton' in Woof, so I thought it best to put them directly into the skeleton f.s. in Woof rather than having them as a separate package. The 'ja' locale is also in Woof.

Ok, that is done, shinobar's 'pupsaveconfig' is now builtin to Woof. I'll upload the latest Woof soon.


Pupsave, or others

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