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915resolution patched

December 10, 2009 — BarryK
'915resolution' patches the video BIOS of Intel video hardware to accept non-standard widescreen resolutions (not defined in the VESA standard).

A Quirky tester reported a problem with 915resolution on their video hardware, so I looked around to see if there are any recent patches.

Forum member tempestuous did all the work for us for Puppy 4.1.1:

I am not aware of any Puppy developers patching it since then.

The Arch Linux guys have patched it fairly recently:

The only extra one that Arch has added is 500GMA. One of the chips that tempestuous identified as 945GM, Arch has identified as 945GME, so I changed that. The only other small thing is that a chip that tempestuous named as GM965, Arch named as 965GM.

So, I have patched the source so that it now supports all of these:

"500GMA", "830", "845G", "855GM", "865G", "915G", "915GM", "945G", "945GM", "945GME", "946GZ", "G965", "Q965", "GM965", "G33"

The source is at:

I have uploaded a PET package to here:


always a new ID
Username: tempestuous
Yeah, people kept asking me to update 915resolution with newly-discovered device ID's, but I was too busy with work at the time, and that project fell by the wayside. Any inaccuracies in defining Intel model numbers are simply due to me using the models as described to me by the users! Now that this project is resurrected, maybe you could add one more device ID (2a408086) requested by forum member schneida at the end of the original forum thread -

Username: BarryK
"I have only applied someone else's patch! But, it looks pretty straightforward. Aragon would have to supply more details though. I don't know what to do just from the IDs. Aragon, the Arch Linux guy is pretty keen, maybe you could pretend that you are using Arch (or even Apup!) and ask him about it. If he figures out a patch, then I'll use it!

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