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December 12, 2009 — BarryK
This looks pretty desirable for laptops. Forum member Patriot has done all the work, see forum:

Shinobar has been tweaking it for the Japanese Puppy and has PETs available here:

I have decided to put it into Quirky, so I have uploaded the latest from the Japanese Puppy to my Quirky PET repo:



Acpid not working...
Username: Jota
"I test this pet on two laptops, one Intel Toshiba, and a Amd Acer. In both when I close the lid, the system goes to suspend ok, and when I press the power button it resumes, but cycles immediately back to sleep after resume. From google I notice this is also happening with other people, especially with the recent 2.6.30/31 kernels. I used Quirky 001 for the tests, and tried various configurations for the action, but no luck so far.

Re: Acpid
Username: BarryK
"Looks like we need to call on Patriot to take a look at this. Well, I'll release Quirky 002 soon, with acpid in it, for further testing.

Quirky 002
Username: Jota
"Barry, To help for Quirky 002, I guess that you had already found this little bugs, but anyway here they are: - Ayttm misses a lib:; - and, by the way, there's a new Ayttm version, 0.6.1, that has some important bug fixes; - Gxine 0.5.904 stores it's config files in /root/config/gxine, not /root/gxine - utf-8 does not seem to slow down the scripts anymore! So maybe you could change the message in the locale dialog box. And, some comments: - Seamonkey 2.0 (using the TTF fonts from Windows) works great here, using it all the time, no problems in any way! - Abiword 2.8.1 is the first Abiword to read ok all my MSWord docs, even the most complex! (also using the TTF fonts from Windows) - missing Geany!!! ;-) - could you please add "pt-latin1" to the keymaps? (I could send you the .gz file - 805 bytes) That's all I can remember now!

Quirky fixes
Username: BarryK
"Jota, Thanks for the feedback. Ok, I have added 'pt-latin1'. One thing that puzzles me about Abiword, is the little example at /usr/share/examples/text/testdoc.doc no longer displays properly -- it has two images in it. Do you have any Word files with images? -- do they display ok? ...hmmm, I wonder if Abiword needs utf8 locale these days? Ayttm: I intend to get that out of GIT soon and recompile it.

Abiword problem...
Username: Jota
"You are right, the "testdoc.doc" do not show any images. The Word docs I've tried in Abiword 2.8.1 are all text. Some of them have a complex mix of tables, styles and fonts, and with prior versions of Abiword the docs display completely garbled. With 2.8.1 they display really good, almost the same as in MsWord. I only have here a Word doc with one embedded image, and I've found that the image is still there, only reduced to a small point. It appears that when Abiword open the doc, it reduces the image size to 0x0 size. If I enlarge the image and save the doc, it now shows ok next time. Ah, one more problem with Quirky: I remember that when right-click on a flash object, Seamonkey crashes. And Hardinfo is the old version, I think 4.3.1 has a more recent one, that display some useful info about the network.

Quirky small apps
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I found another exellent MD5Sum application that is almost 1/3 the size of gtkhash its 13kb pet :) I compiled it on 2.14X and didn't need any deps, its just uses SSL and gtk, unlike gtkhash The sources can be found at and a package I made with rox right click for 2.14x is located at I would use that version uless you have libgio installed, it would be better just to compile and swap bin with my package and reuse the links and .desktop and pixmap. Also its about 10X faster :) ttuuxxx

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