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Cabernet Shiraz

December 31, 2009 — BarryK
"Mr C" (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent me a bottle of Scotts Creek Cabernet Shiraz for Christmas -- but it arrived today, December 31. AU50 dollars cash as well.

That's great, I'll have a glass (or two) this evening. There are a couple of nice musical programs on ABC tonight, so I'll settle down in front of the TV, glass in hand.


Username: Leon
Barry, Happy New Year with many pleasant surprises! Leon

Mr C
Username: Raffy
"We will not tell that it's Chris. :) Just kidding - Happy New Year!!! I'll probably have some [url=]rum[/url] tonight - best local drink in town!

dinner for one
Username: Bert
"As every year, we"ll be watching "[url=]Dinner for one[/url]" on national television... (this youtube version is in two parts) Cheers everyone and Happy New Year!

önes neues Jahr"flugwelpe"Also best wishes from Germany/Austria/Slovenia ! We'll have to wait some more hours for new year to happen. The Glögg will be ready soon :)

Meilleurs voeux pour 2010
Username: charlie6
"Hi Barry, Best wishes for 2010 from Belgium! Charlie

Happy New Year
Username: Greg
"Happy and Prosperous New Year Barry and Everyone! :)

The quaffer
Username: cthisbear
"" We will not tell that it's Chris " Not me. But now I that know that BK partakes of a tipple, who knows. Anyway.. i hope that it was a nice drop Barry. Very thoughtful of Mr C to make you smile. As always all the best....Chris.

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