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IPInfo network information

December 14, 2009 — BarryK
Vovchik has created a nice little GUI application that displays information about the network:

Some of the information was not displaying properly in the tabs, so I hacked the script a bit to fix it. I also added a "Please wait" message at startup.

I have placed IPInfo into Woof, at /usr/sbin/ipinfo and created a .desktop file so there is a menu entry.

Then I noticed that the 'Cancel' button did not work. This is due to Patriot's patched gtkdialog, so I have rolled back to ''.


Integrated wireless wizard
Username: clarf
Barry, IPInfo seems to be a good addition in Network Wizard rater than a stand alone application (nothing different from some command line arguments in terminal). I found it could be useful if itīs called after a AtuoDHCP configuration or launched from a small button in Network Wizard. I feel there are already too many menu entries in Puppy (not counting the doubled app there). Barry I like the way you add options to users but in someway we need integrated applications and more useful/complet Wizards. The long menu list is hard to understand for newer Puppy users (I talk from my personal experience with Puppy). clarf

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