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Logos from afgs

December 02, 2009 — BarryK
Forum member afgs has been doing great things with the logos:

Here is a Quirky logo:

And this is what it looks like in a web page:

Here is a Woof logo:

And this is what it looks like in a web page:


Woof woof

Still there
Username: drongo
"I can still see the logo from the UK. Using Puppy 4.3.1 (with pupsave file) and Seamonkey 1.1.8 afgs has done some fine work on these logos. I particularly like the latest upup and dpup variants.

Quirky link fixed
Username: BarryK
"Ah, yes, thanks. Fixed.

Username: Feverfew
" IMO Afgs is a very gifted. Artist, and logo designer. And we are all indebted to the time he/she/it :p has spent here. The fractal bulldog is badass. IMHO.

Re: afgs
Username: BarryK
"That reminds me, I wonder if afgs would like to be acknowledged with his/her real name? I think those two logos for Quirky and Woof are great, and it looks like I'll be using them, unless something even more amazing turns up. I would like to put an acknowledgement of afgs on my web pages, and afgs might like that to be with a real name.

Re:Re: afgs
Username: Feverfew
"I agree. Giving kudos in "true names" is a very kind thought. I'm sure they'll like that :). I like The two logos you picked. The Quirky logo makes me :)smile, and Woofs logo is jest plain great ;).

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