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December 14, 2009 — BarryK
Kirk created a tiny little app that is handy for Windows people. Extract of kirk's message to me:

It's a GUI for ntfsclone, it's written with xdialog. I've used it many times with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Ntfsclone is included in Puppy and it's very fast. My kids hose up their laptops with Vista a lot, with ntfsclone it takes about 15min to restore the c: partition.

I have uploaded the PET package here:

...the PET is 2.1KB!


Username: kirk
A couple notes about this script: * Make sure your destination file system can handle the size of your backup file. For example 2GB is the limit for fat16, 4GB is the limit for FAT32. The script will offer you the option to split the backup in to smaller files, the options are 699MB 1999MB and 3999MB. When you do a restore, you'll be asked if the backup is in multiple parts. If yes, just make sure they're all in the same directory. * When you select backup, you'll be ask to browse to the folder you want the backup stored in. The default file name is backup.img.gz. After you choose your destination folder make sure you click on the file name (backup.img.gz) before clicking on OK. Xdialog seems to forget the file name if you choose a different folder, if you do this the script just exits without doing anything.

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