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Password protected sources

December 09, 2009 — BarryK
I have added password protection to access:

My laptop was chugging away all night uploading most of the source packages that I used for the T2 build.

The problem is though, when it becomes widely known that I have a very nice repository of source packages, and especially when people decide to download everything, I am going to run into problems with my host. My account with Hostgator has "unlimited downloads" however it isn't really, as it is one of those cheap shared accounts ("Baby Croc").

This "download everything" problem is going to occur with Woof Tpup builds, as I am uploading most of the packages that I used to build my latest Tpup. It is better that when people use T2, just let it try and get the required packages from the T2 repositories or the author's sites. My site can be a last resort.

My username and password is the same that Eric is using, "pupÂpy" and "linÂux". -- probably not necessary, but they are displayed here slightly obfuscated.

Tags: woof