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pCD 1.1, gtkdialog3 rolled forward

December 18, 2009 — BarryK
I have placed zigbert's pCD version 1.1 audio CD player into Quirky.

I had previously announced gtkdialog3 patched by Patriot:
But ipinfo was broken so I rolled back:

However, I have communicated with Patriot, and the ipinfo script is the one that is wrong. Extract from pm from Patriot:

I've taken a look at ipinfo1 and yes, ipinfo1 uses the very method (the bug) that zigbert wishes to be fixed to exit the program ...

The documented method to exit is <action>exit:exit</action> ... The closewindow:x method was supposed to close an opened child window (and now working correctly in the patched gtkdialog3) ... My suggested remedy for the ipinfo1 :

<button ok>

Or, simply omit the <action> line, as by default gtkdialog will exit if no action is defined.

So, I have fixed ipinfo and rolled gtkdialog3 forward again.

Tags: quirky