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Precord, Woo-ff, mhWavedit, Pmusic, Asunder

December 12, 2009 — BarryK
As I put acpid into Quirky, I wanted to take something out, as one objective for Quirky is to be always moving down in size.

Hmmm, the acpid PET package is only 12KB. Anyway, I did have in mind something to take out, so have done this...

I removed Sweep (254KB PET) and replaced it with mhWavedit (172KB PET).

Then I put in Precord 1.0.2, a sound recorder created by mcewanw:
...the PET is only 3.4KB.

I took out Pawdioconverter (has missing Sox dependency, and 12KB PET) and I added Woo-ff 0.1.1, an audio file converter, created by technosaurus:
...the PET is only 2.6KB!

The I added zigbert's Pmusic 0.9.9:
...the PET is 33KB.

I replaced Ripoff CD ripper (50KB) with Asunder (45KB).

...overall I'm down by 15KB!


Username: joe.c
I was just playing with precord just before reading your blog, I had to try it, I just couldn't believe at 3.5kb it could work, but it does very well on Puppy 4.1.2 my favorite of all your creations. Quirky is going to be excellant, i tried the first one, looking good so far. Small is beautiful, a win win, works on old hardware and flies on new. You are the Burt Munro of Linux Thanks for sharing you work with us. joe

pmusic, menu update
Username: tasmod
"I had just added pmusic today. One thing I noticed once pet was run, was although the splash screen says updating the menu and screen may flicker. It does not update menu. I had to use panel options, then move to left, then return panel to right. After this the menu was updated. Have a missed a menu update link somewhere? Overall Quirky is running really well on my machine.

Username: alienpup
"Barry, don't miss this new gem: 2byte has done a beautiful job on something Puppy has long needed.

Nic card
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry as you probably know I'm working on OLPC, Also I read somewhere you have one, so you probably know it doesn't have a built in Nic lan plug, only wireless which is somewhat not very useful for people like myself who doesn't use wireless by choice. So I purchased a usb to LAN adapter, for like $20 because i wanted it now, lol I should of bought the one on ebay for $5 Australian including shipping its the same one, grrrrr anyways I plugged it into the USB slot and it doesn't find it, I'm just thinking maybe if we should somehow have this sort of adapter driver etc included in puppy, It would also be great for other laptops. Anyways any ideas or help would be great. ttuuxxx

Nic Card Continued
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry, The little blue USB-LAN stick I purchased works perfect in XO OLPC default Os with sugar, I'm taking a stab in the dark but I think its a combination of autoloading usb and a complete version of HAL, I could see this in the near future to be a norm in a lot of small laptops, or as a fix for laptops with broken internal Nic plugs. How I managed to get it running in XO was simple, with the laptop turned off, I inserted the usb stick, and cat cable, turned on the pc and it was automatically online. This is really handy. Now to figure out how to port this to puppy. ttuuxxx

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