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Proposed NicoEdit 2.5.1

December 20, 2009 — BarryK
I posted a request to this forum thread:

My forum post:

Nicolas, the developer of NicoEdit, is busy with other things right now, so not currently keen to work on NicoEdit.

Version 2.5 fixed a problem, the PPLOG script did not open. It does not fix the shebang line '#!/bin/ash' detection that I had requested. Also, 2.5 does not have the menu option to manually choose color highlighting -- which 2.4 does have.

So, is anyone interested in examining 2.4 and 2.5 source and put the menu entry for syntax highlighting back in? -- because NicoEdit does not always autodetect the type of file.

Also, figure out how to add '#!/bin/ash' to the other shebang lines '#!/bin/sh', '#!/bin/bash'.

Then we will have say version 2.5.1.

Anyone interested in having a play with Genie coding?

NicoEdit source:
User: pupÂpy Pass: linÂux


Username: MU
uploaded a patched version to that forum-thread. Mark

Username: ttuuxxx
"I also repacked it :) here's a link to the sources ttuuxxx

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