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Quirky 002 coming soon

December 16, 2009 — BarryK
In a few days probably, and I'll upload Woof as well.

I have just built the precursor to 002, and the ISO file is 87.6MB. Running it now.

This has my new tiny SeaMonkey. Noticeably faster startup.


In expectation of Quirky 0.0.2
Username: Leon
Barry, I manually installed Quirky 0.0.1 by using grub4dos frugal install on Sony Vaio VGN-CS215J laptop and noticed these improvements compared to Puppy 4.3.1 so far: - Quirky 0.0.1 enables to successfully set a screen resolution 1280x800 in Xorg X server mode out of the box, when only 1024x768 in Puppy 4.3.1 is posible on this laptop - all sl_SI locale characters in rxvt console window are properly shown for the first time since I use Puppy - it uses less memory - it has the best default wallpaper picture ever, it deserves to be in a final release Wireless connection works fine. Thank you for keeping JWM. I'm used to start programs by clicking tray icons, or click a tray icon to open an additional menu right of the main menu button, for often used tasks. With a tray autohide property and the whole JWM configuration environment I simply prefer it even more then Xfce, the same on a wide screens as well as on a small netbooks. Rox panel seems fine too, although I can't used to it. It would be nice to have an option to switch from one panel to another from a menu. There is a problem when using a 'pkeys=slovene' parameter in a grub4dos menu.lst file. This messages are shown on the screen during the boot process: [i]Loading 'slovene' keyboard layout... failed Dumping last lines of kernel log... loadkeymap: /dev/tty0: No such file or directory loadfont: /dev/tty0: No such file or directory <6>TCP_cubic registered <6>NET: Registered protocol family 17 <6>Using IPI No-Shortcut mode <6>Freeing unused kernel memory: 340 k freed Pausing for 60 seconds... ... WARNING: Deprecated config file /etc/modprobe.conf, all config files belong into /etc/modprobe.d/.[/i] It is interesting that the 'slovene' keyboard layout and all sl_SI locale settings works properly. Except the problem with pausing for 60 seconds at boot Quirky 0.0.1 is already one of my favorites releases.

xz patches
Username: technosaurus
"A while back I found some kernel patches for xz format - haven't figured out how to get them to work with AXFS though... if you are planning to use that for quirky, but it does improve boot times over traditional (non-XIP) methods the image is smaller than a gzipped image, so loads into ram faster and decompresses almost as fast

lzma kernel
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, The 2.6.31 kernel supports lzma compression, that I have used.

Modem drivers
Username: BarryK
"Ramachandran, I may go through the exercise of compiling lots of 3rd party drivers, but next year. I might move up to the 2.6.32.x kernel as well.

Username: escucha
"Hi Barry... nice to compute with Quirky. Awaiting next release.

QT in Quirky
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi barry you mentioned that you were building a QT package somewhere, did you upload the package somewhere ? I compiled the latest version and webkit was unusually large /usr/lib/ <---26MB stripped !! and then I look for other distro's version and found tiny core linux which was /usr/local/lib/ 13MB stripped thats 13MB smaller or almost 5MB compressed. So I'm eager to see what you came up with, Whats the size and version of your webkit lib? Thanks for your time. ttuuxxx

Qt, rdfind, optipng
Username: technosaurus
"Qt thinks it knows what you want better than you do and embeds various overriding CFLAGS. I did something like the following to shrink it: [b]find . -iname \*akefile -execdir sed -i "s/-O[0-3]/-Os/g" {} ';' -print[/b] feel free to add flags after the -Os or to eliminate/substitute other flags (LDFLAGS etc...) Mozilla, Wine, Abiword, Webkit and others do similar things, so it is a useful hack to have at your disposal if you want to minimize size. other things that could cut some size in the woof build is [b]rdfind[/b] (especially on /usr/share/zoneinfo) and [b]optipng[/b] - shrinks more than just png but it will increase the build time significantly depending on the optimization level (may be better to eventually have it in devx and add it to dir2pet) speaking of dir2pet, I made some basic guis (no terminal interaction) called adopt* in Pcompile that first build a tar => allowing you to have small tar2tgz tar2pet tar2txz and tar2pxt scripts (for better compatibility) They still need some cleanup though.

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