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Woof uploaded, December 24

December 24, 2009 — BarryK
It is early morning on December 24 here and I am just having a last look on the Internet before heading off for my Xmas break.

Good thing too, I found this report by playdayz:

I don't know about the Python package problem with Upup (or as some people prefer, uPup!), but I have fixed the entries in file 'Packages-puppy-woof-official'.

I have uploaded Woof just now, with the fix. Playdayz, thanks for that.

Ah, I saw on the news, some of you guys in the US and Europe are snowed under. Today we are having a mild 30 degrees C, tomorrow 36. I'm taking my bathers.


Username: Greg
Have a great HOLIDAY sir: Thanks for all your efforts this past year. Relax and enjoy yourself, family and LIFE. Greg PS, expecting possibly 12-14" of the white in the next few days.

Username: clarf
"Barry, Thank you for the effort in Woof and the hard work in all your creations. Please take a good break and enjoy with your family these festivities. Marry Chrismas and happy new year.

Merry Christmas
Username: lobster
"Yes London had snow. Very cold. Luckily heating has been sorted :) I will be cooking a Christmas dinner later today for family before they leave. Chicken and sausages. Not traditional but easy . . . Then playing on the Wii. Tomorrow, Christmas day we will have a ready made meal. So much easier. Watch Dr Who to pick up tips from a Time Lord. I may get drunk. When My Sister gets back from Italy we are having a post-Christmas Christmas. I think at this time it is important to remember the spirit of Christmas - [b]sharing Puppy and being kind to oneself[/b] (I think that is right). :happy: [i]Merry Christmas and Happy New Year[/i]

Username: escucha
"Merry Christmas and happy New Year (with Woofs & Puppies!) for you Barry, and you the reader of this message. Here under continuous rain in the Mediterranean sea. Thanks.

Username: 无线电子
"至此佳节,祝福教授,和你的家人 圣诞快乐! happy Merry Christmas ! 本人不愿意用中文的,但是目前感觉只有中文能表达最热情的祝福,祝福下一代puppy能自带中文的支持!

Happy Holidays!
Username: WN2A
"That warm wx looks nice. We're at -7C , 20cm of snow and more on the way! That's comes with the territory. Think Lobster has the right idea... Have a Merry Christmas, Barry!

Merry Xmas Barry
Username: Tony
"Hope you have a good rest and as always thanks for you hard work all year round. Maybe if you come back rested you can invent a HUGE heat pipe and send some of that 36oC to us -8oC in chilly Wales 8-) Tony

Happy Merry Christmas
Username: wuxiandianzi
"[b]happy Merry Christmas[/b] [code]happy Merry Christmas[/code] [u]happy Merry Christmas[/u]

Username: Raffy
"Merry Christmas from 18 deg LAT (the tropics) -- mild this time of year!!! Weather is something good to talk about nowadays. :)

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