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Woof uploaded, December 26, 2009

December 26, 2009 — BarryK
I found myself with a couple of idle hours yesterday, so opened up my laptop and did a little bit of work on Woof.

There was something I was meaning to do for a very long time, and finally have done it.

In the Puppy ISO there is some duplication of binary excutables in the 'initrd.gz' and 'pup-nnn.sfs' main filesystem file. This adds to the size of the ISO.

What I have done is the '3builddistro' script in Woof deletes the duplicate files in the main f.s., except for 'busybox' and 'cp' -- the busybox in the main f.s. is different and cp is needed later by the build script. These are the executables that are deleted in the main f.s.:

guess_fstype modprobe lsmod fusermount e2fsck disktype e3 elspci resize2fs fsck modinfo rev find waitmax hotplug2stdout_notimeout losetup ntfs-3g

At bootup, the 'init' script copies all of the above from the initramfs to the main f.s., at their correct locations. 3builddistro creates bin/TARGETEXES in the initramfs that lists the executables as well as their correct path in the main f.s., and the init script reads this file.

Anyway, the end result is surprising, the ISO file is 0.5MB smaller -- all those little apps do add up. This is good, it applies to all puppies/puplets/quirklets built with Woof.

I have just uploaded this latest Woof.

Don't think I'll be doing anything on Woof/Puppy/Quirky today, got other things to do!

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