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005 feedback, planning for 006

January 26, 2010 — BarryK
Thanks guys for testing Quirky 005 and reporting back. I'm working through the 005 forum feedback thread, fixing things. Of course some of these issues are generic to Woof and so apply to all future puppies built with Woof, not just Quirky-specific.

A couple of bug-fixes. One was changing the choice of repos. Another was 'sysfiles' listed as a dependency of the 'mesa' package.

Crypto modules
As Quirky 005 is built with a cutdown selection of modules, this needs to be tweaked. Further work to be done here, but for now have added all the "crypto" modules, as some needed one may have been missing.

Shinobar has updated this script, now at version '100120'. There was feedback of a missing value in one of the windows, that this should fix.
I also put the 'ja' locale file into Woof.

Planning for 006
Apart from continuing to work through the 005 feedback, and upgrading some packages, the multimedia is getting another workover. I plan to build 006 with these changes:



Note, I created 'mplayer' and 'mplayer_dvd' packages. They are both Mplayer, but the latter has DVD playing support.

Gecko-mediaplayer is a browser plugin and works with gnome-mplayer. They need Dbus to communicate.

Note however, if we decide that gecko-mediaplayer doesn't quite cut it, we can go back to the mplayerplug-in browser plugin, which uses mplayer directly. ...if we did that, then gnome-mplayer does not really need dbus and in theory we could hack it to remove its dbus dependency.

One good thing about mplayerplug-in, gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer is that they are all developed by the same guy, Kevin, who is very responsive to bug reports.

I can tell you one good thing about gnome-mplayer -- the menu navigation in my DVDs now works. However, the mouse pointer becomes invisible, which makes selection a bit awkward.
Also, there is a problem with switching between full-screen -- can switch to, but when switch back the playing stops and something goes wrong with sound -- have to click the sound icon to bring it back. These are issues that we can report to Kevin!



e3vi: command not found
Username: broomdodger
"In console, I tried to edit a file and: ~# vi bash: e3vi: command not found also: ~# e3vi bash: e3vi: command not found e3 will open. I do not use e3vi or e3 it is a habit to type vi and found the problem I compiled vim 7.2.343 and it works great in Quirky 005.

Quirky 006
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry, nice to see your going to give Gnome Mplayer a try :) Dbus and Dbus-glib is also needed for Firefox, so its a welcomed addition :)looking forward to 006 :) ttuuxxx

gnome mplayer
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry So have you got a package for gnome mplayer available? I guess there is one around, (perhaps you made one ttuuxx?) options should be the same. I will need to fix pupRadio .. as soon as possible. Cheers

re gnome mplayer
Username: 01micko
"Ok, I didn't realise that gnome-mplayer is only a gui for mplayer., so I guess pupRadio will be fine!! Cheers

using webcam or tvcard with mplayer
Username: ferikenagy1
"if it not require to much amount of extra bits, it should be good to compile mplayer with tv (&radio) card support,that is good for users to watch TV, listen radio or using webcam , by launching mplayer from terminal command.In this case these extra hardware modules (for webcams, ex uvcviseo.ko, or ex.:bttv78xx for analog tv card) should accessible from zdrv file or downloadable from repository. If mplayer will stay in future maybe somebody will modify 'pstreamvid' (or write an simple &short program) to use mplayer for watching webcam and TV from tv card.....for watching webcam 'pstreamvid' should pass an comand like: #mplayer -tv driver=v4l2:width320:height=240:fps=30 tv:// thanks

Gnome Mplayer
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Micko Gnome Mplayer is gui for mplayer true, but its a complete gui that functions differently, In the past jwm wouldn't do fullscreen with gxine or mplayer, but if you tried with Gnome mplayer it worked. So its a bit more than a gui, it brings better functionality/features to Mplayer. You can completely remove the mplayer gui and Gnome mplayer will work also. ttuuxxx

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