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Leeman again

January 29, 2010 — BarryK
Right now it's 7am and I can already feel the heat. So, I'm taking the day off, going to Leeman -- see my recent post about this nice seaside village:

But, first, reading the latest posts on the forum. This post about Busybox from technosaurus has made me excited:

It's great that I still get excited about things Puppy-related

Hah hah, but I have already decided to go to Leeman, so checking out the latest Busybox will have to wait. Tonight...


busybox ash
Username: technosaurus
just to clarify - currently only ash supports nofork/noexec and then only the ones specified as nofork or noexec in include/applets.h ~20 noexecs and ~30 noforks This will put all the bb links in your working busybox directory to test new functions without breaking installed stuff (I actually rename it bb first) #!/bin/sh ./busybox >bbfxns sed -i "1,14 d" bbfxns #delete header sed -i "s/t/ /g" bbfxns #tabs to spaces sed -i "s/,/n/g" bbfxns #commas to new lines sed -i '/^$/ d' bbfxns #remove leading cruft sed -i "s/ /ln -s busybox /g" bbfxns . bbfxns rm bbfxns

Wow! Leeman!
Username: escucha
"Enjoy Leeman!! I envy. I'm freezing here!!

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