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January 05, 2010 — BarryK
Ah, Leeman is your quintessential sleepy seaside village. This is where I parked, that's my car in the middle:

I was quite surprised, even though this must be still in the height of the holiday season, there was hardly anyone around.

There was a lovely cool breeze off the ocean, shady parking, change rooms with shower, and I even found a nice shaded spot on the beach. Heaven!

Leeman is big enough to have all the facilities, such as general store, fuel, hotel, telecentre, library ...oh yeah, even a tiny hardware store.

Driving around the town, I noticed quite a lot of for-sale signs. I imagine that's due to the nature of the place (seasonal holiday destination).

There was a housing boom in Perth in 2008, that went flat in 2009. Country prices followed, now they are too high I think, that's why so many for-sale signs:

Fool that I was, I made it a day-trip only. I got back to Perenjori before the Post Office closed, and the post-mistress told me that the temperature hit 47 degrees C. It sure felt like it. I watched the weather on TV and they gave Dalwallinu as 45 degrees. Tomorrow is a "cool change", only 38.

Next time I go to Leeman, I'm going to stay overnight. Look at this nice caravan park:

I could have pitched my tent there for just 10 dollars:



Vacation Trips
Username: armel
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Nice place
Username: billy3va
"Looks like a nice place. A lot like here in July. Right now its 1 degree C and suppose to get to -6. We have several state parks here in the area (Virginia Beach, VA) next to the ocean. I suggested to my parents about getting another place in Aus. That way they could stay out of the cold they are always complaining about.But people want to sell their property at what they think its worth, the truth is its not worth that anymore. Any way happy camping and enjoy the view.

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