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Mozplugger in Quirky 003

January 06, 2010 — BarryK
Quirky 003 has a radically different architecture for handling multimedia. There's no xine/gxine, gstreamer or mplayer.

There is ffmpeg and the mozplugger browser plugin is supposed to launch 'ffplay' to play embedded video (and maybe audio) in web pages.

I created a test html file, using the suggestion from technosaurus, posted here:

Yeah, ffplay plays the video, as a separate window. I want it to be swallowed into the web page, so I edited /etc/mozpluggerrc:

video/mpeg:mpeg,mpg,mpe:MPEG animation

video/x-mpeg:mpeg,mpg,mpe:MPEG animation
video/x-mpeg2:mpv2,mp2ve:MPEG2 animation
video/mp4:mp4:MPEG4 animation
video/msvideo:avi:AVI animation
video/x-msvideo:avi:AVI animation
video/fli:fli,flc:FLI animation
video/x-fli:fli,flc:FLI animation
application/x-mplayer2:*:Windows Media video
video/x-ms-asf:asf,asx:Windows Media video
video/x-ms-wm:wm:Windows Media video
video/x-ms-wmv:wmv:Windows Media video
video/x-ms-wvx:wvx:Windows Media video
video/x-ms-asf-plugin:*:Window Media video
video/ogg:ogg:OGG stream with video
video/x-ogg:ogm,ogv:OGG stream with video
stream swallow(ffplay) : ffplay "$file"

audio/mp3:mp3:MPEG audio
audio/x-mp3:mp3:MPEG audio
audio/mpeg2:mp2:MPEG audio
audio/x-mpeg2:mp2:MPEG audio
audio/mpeg3:mp3:MPEG audio
audio/x-mpeg3:mp3:MPEG audio
audio/mpeg:mpa,abs,mpega:MPEG audio
audio/x-mpeg:mpa,abs,mpega:MPEG audio
audio/x-ogg:ogg:OGG audio
application/x-ogg:ogg:OGG audio
application/ogg:ogg:OGG audio
audio/x-flac:flac:FLAC audio
application/x-flac:flac:FLAC audio
audio/basic:au,snd:Basic audio file
audio/x-basic:au,snd:Basic audio file
audio/wav:wav:Microsoft wave file
audio/x-wav:wav:Microsoft wave file
audio/x-pn-wav:wav:Microsoft wave file
audio/x-pn-windows-acm:wav:Microsoft wave file
audio/x-ms-wax:wax:Windows Media Audio
audio/x-ms-wma:wma:Windows Media Audio
stream : ffplay "$file"

I then deleted /root/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat, which is recommended whenever /etc/mozpluggerrc is changed, then started SeaMonkey, opened the test html file, and YAY, embedded video!

Note that the "stream" parameter means that ffplay can take a URL directly. Without "stream", the video would be downloaded entirely first, then ffplay would be launched.

Not sure what to do about those audio files. Maybe most of those should be played with aplay?

Anyway, I want to play some more with this. Anyone know of URLs where I can test this further?...
That is, a variety of embedded formats. Or, anyone really interested and wants to setup /etc/mozpluggerrc for all situations? -- go for it!


Inkscape unable to save
Username: tozers1
Hello Barry, Thanks for bring to us Quirky. The Inkscape application has a bug regarding the save functionality. If you create a new draw and then save it, it seems that it is ok but when the application is closed, the tool pops up a window asking to save it again (as if was not saved). After saving the document again the application closes without problem, but the file is not there. I have experienced this problem with puppy430 and 431.

Streaming video still does not play
Username: Terryphi
"Try .Click on LIVE BBC NEWS CHANNEL on the red banner at the top. Video still does not play using your amended /etc/mozpluggerrc . I have the same problem with videos at .

Username: Terryphi
"Disciple: it must be the warp factor we add here in Wales. ;) I presume it is a bug in PPLOG.

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