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Multimedia unhappiness

January 02, 2010 — BarryK
It took me all morning, I compiled all of these:

SDL 1.2.14
opencore-amr 0.1.2
speex 1.2rc1
xvidcore 1.2.2
yasm 0.8.0
x264 20091230
ffmpeg 20091229
liboil 0.3.16
libsoup 2.28.2
swfdec 0.6.8-patched
swfdec-mozilla 0.6.0 well as some other stuff, such as Ogle.

ffplay works nice.
But, whenever I try to view a Flash video, SeaMonkey crashes! Oh dear.



Working again
Username: BarryK
"I went back to what was working, then forward from there. The version of ffmpeg that I compiled in T2 and which is in Quirky 002, is ffmpeg 2009-02-13. I used that version and recompiled it, with the closed-source amr codec, speex and x264 (left out xvid this time). Now I can play Flash videos in SeaMonkey, no crash. Ah, these subtle version incompatibilities! I had to roll back to an older x264, as the 2009-02-13 ffmpeg did not like the one I got out of svn a few days ago.

Flashplayer Fix - Possible
Username: playdayz
"I found this fix last May (included at the bottom here). I assume you are using Quirky, but this worked for New Year's Pup--maybe it will help. Also, uPup 4.52 (my build from Woof with glx/dri files included) works well with flashlayer. I personally believe that including and loading the glx/dri files makes flashplayer more stable somehow--but I have no real evidence. I have had this problem watching flash videos. I would click to full screen and crash, everything is gone. I found this in the Swiftfox Support forum and tried it and amazingly, it worked for me on Every time I had clicked full screen on, the whole program had crashed and with this fix there was no crash and everything worked as it should. Wow. It worked for me in NewYearsPup. For people still frustrated with Swiftfox or Firefox crashes when switching a Flash video player in fullscreen mode. Bug seems to be related with Nvidia drivers + Flash player plugin + Firefox memory management. This worked for me : try preloading libGL before Swiftfox/Firefox like this: Code: [code]LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ swiftfox[/code]

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