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My XO-1 is getting redeployed

January 28, 2010 — BarryK
I am not using my OLPC XO-1 and have no plans to do so, so I decided the best thing to do is pass it on to someone who can make good use of it.

First, I asked the guy who gave it to me, forum member mdd (Mike), and he replied that he doesn't want it back and I'm welcome to pass it on.

Forum member sculver, who is a support volunteer for OLPC, gave me contact details of a guy who is a OLPC support volunteer in Australia (NSW), first name James.

I contacted James and he replied that yes he can make use of it, either for testing or redeployment. The latter may involve it being sent to Haiti.

So, I'll post it off today or tomorrow.

Note to anyone interested in Puppy Linux running on the XO-1, see the forum: OLPC developer Mitch has succeeded, and sculver, ttuuxxx and others are assisting with solving further issues.


OLPC XO-1 Diver Down
Username: ttuuxxx
We I'm sorry to read that Barry, I always figured you would do wonders for it, You did give it a shot, hmmmmm not like you to give in like that. Well hopefully you can still lend a knowledgeable hand if need be :) Thanks for what you did provide. I guess Gecko Edubook is what your after now. I like the Gecko Surfboard better :) looks so much like a modern day Commodore 64 :) ttuuxxx

XO-1 has gone
Username: BarryK
"Posted it today. ttuuxxx, You have to see my initial review of the XO-1 back in 2008. I never got into it in the first place, as I didn't like the XO, and still don't.

XO-1 has gone
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I hate all laptops :) never like the dinky keyboards, mouse pads, or tiny screens. Most of all I dislike XO the most, from how its setup, the keyboard weird symbols, to the look and finish, and missing parts like a wired lan, or a soldered sd card that is next to impossible to get to. Pretty much the whole package is designed wrong. But that is what makes it challenging, I know once I'm done getting it going, hopefully I can give the 2 of them away to needy people, I'll have to check with the company first. They were given to me by the company. Really what keeps me going on this project, is well the millions of people counting on a small speedy OS, I can't turn my back on developing countries, Puppy will provide them with freedom. Its a bit more at stake than just another puppy version. But to each there owm. take care ttuuxxx

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