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One-file Quirky for OLPC XO-1

January 16, 2010 — BarryK
Well, an attempt anyway. Here it is:

This is a 'vmlinuz' Linux kernel with everything embedded in it. It is 81.74MB.


attempt on XO-1
Username: mavrothal
Tried it with several olpc.fth variants (included the prescribed). No luck :( It tries to read from the flash and then it stops. Never gets to console, so there is not any kind of feed back, other than the mic and camera lights coming on and off and the stick light flashing. A problem is that with an 82 MB file and XO-1's speed to read decompress unsquash, you have to wait at least 10-15 min before you give up... Maybe a traditional 3 file system with the same settings would be easier to test and debug I sense you are in the right track though :-D Thanks

OLPC-Quirky in 3 files
Username: BarryK
"Ok, they are here:

Starbox boot attempt #2
Username: pakt
"This one [i]does[/i] boot on the Starbox SB-800 up to and including where X is setup. Once the desired resolution is chosen and X attempts to start, the PC beeps and reboots (unfortunately also reseting the BIOS CMOS settings - had it set to boot from USB Flash and it was reset to boot from internal Flash). Tried this twice with different resolutions. Perhaps X does need the extended instructions?

Starbox boot attempt #2, 3 files
Username: pakt
"The Starbox SB-800 and 3-file quirky had boot problems though. When "Searching for Puppy files in computer disc drives...", got the error "quirky-004.sfs not found". I saw no sign of the USB Flash drive being detected (which I had booted from). dmesg shows these: <4>:usbstorage: Unknown symbol usb_storage_usb_ids <4>:usbstorage: Unknown symbol usb_usual_ignore_device <4>:usbstorage: Unknown symbol usb_usual_clear_present <4>:usbstorage: Unknown symbol usb_usual_check_type <4>:usbstorage: Unknown symbol usb_usual_set_present

XO-1 test
Username: mavrothal
"Tried the 3-file geode-olpc-16jan The vmlinuz does not load and never gets to the console (as with the single file version). Replaced with my vmlinuz (OLPC+Aufs2+squashfs) and made a simlink in initrd lib/modules to the folder with my kernel's name. Boots to console but can not find the sfs files. bootinit.log indicates it can not decompress the compressed modules. Replace the modules in initdr kernel with uncompressed from my build and remove the .gz suffix from modules.dep file. Loads the modules and searches but again can not find the sfs files. bootinit.log indicates (similar to pakt's report) that usb-storage.ko module has unknown parameters. dmesg indicates that usb_storage has unknown symbols for usb_storage_usb_ids usb_usual_ignore_device usb_usual_clear_present usb_usual_check_type usb_usual_set_present dmsg ends with usb1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choices usb1-2: new high speed USB device using echi_hcd and address 3 usb1-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choices Aufs2, fuse, squashfs, usbcore, usbhid, echi_hcd, ochi_hcd, report no problems. The only other problem in dmsg I could find was the "nls_cp437: disagrees about version of symbol of module_layout" because, since I did not have the module in my kernel I just decompressed the original : 0 Sort question: can you post the usb_storage kernel configuration of OLPC quirky? Long suggestion, please compile kernel from OLPC sources and modifying the XO-1_config. Official standalone aufs2 patches fine :-)

Not found
Username: Raffy
"Same results with pakt in the GX2 (128 MB RAM): "quirky-004.sfs not found" This quirky build has 3Dnow enabled, and it fails to boot into the Atom board.

3-file working on XO-1
Username: Mitch Bradley
"I got the 3-file quirky running up to a desktop on XO-1. It required mavrothal's kernel, the modules from same injected into initrd.gz, and the addition of "modprobe loop" to init (probably CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=y would eliminate that). It has to be booted from an ext2-formatted device, as FAT won't mount for some reason. Additional notes can be found in the forum thread.

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