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PupScan fixed

January 08, 2010 — BarryK
The PupScan application (see System menu) was displaying incorrect information about the PCI devices.

The problem is that it uses the 'scanpci' utility, which I have in Woof, but it is no longer part of Xorg. It used to be, up to Xorg 7.3, that the libpciaccess library had a database of PCI information, however from 7.4 onwards the libpciaccess does not have its own database, instead reads from /usr/share/pci.ids (which is part of pciutils package).

So Woof builds now have the full 'pci.ids' file, but 'scanpci' is still included. However, it no longer works properly.

So, I have modified /usr/sbin/pupscan so that it detects existence of /usr/share/pci.ids and if exists then uses the lspci utility to obtain the PCI information.


lspci & lsusb
Username: technosaurus
I will have to try that with my busybox build to see if the new lspci works with it (I may need to recompile it to specify the /usr/share/pci.ids parameter) ... bb now has lsusb too - I have needed that one several times when following howtos on general linux forums. Speaking of bb, I also started a [b]template[/b] for a "multicall" script in the gtkdialog tips thread specifically for eventually adding a tiny frontend to busybox, my latest iteration will even make all of the busybox symlinks in a single specified directory and behaves the same way as busybox (via symlinks or bbgui <command>) {it will still use GNU versions if called using bbgui <command>}

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