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Quirky "multimedia special" coming

January 18, 2010 — BarryK
I have built a Quirky that "plays everything", which will be uploaded as 005, real soon.

I explored radical options in Quirky 003, using Swfdec as the Flash browser plugin, 'ffplay' as the media player, mozplugger to launch appropriate players for embedded browser audio or video, and Ogle to play DVD movies.

Yesterday I started again, from scratch. I got ffmpeg out of version-control, dated 2010-01-16. I compiled dependencies opencore-amr 0.1.2 and x264 20091230.

I then went the usual route, compiled xine-lib and gxine, but it was disappointing, some test files did not play properly.

So, I got mplayer out of version-control, dated 2010-01-17, and went through a very tortured process of getting it to compile, with the external ffmpeg dependency. I patched the source, and I will upload 'mplayer-2010-01-17-patched.tar.gz' to my source repo soon -- it also has a special script to do the final link step that builds the 'mplayer' executable. I have also left the source pre-configured so you just type 'make' to compile.

I compiled mplayerplug-in 20100117 to handle browser embedded content.

Adobe Flash Player
To top it all off, I put in the official Adobe Flash browser plugin, version (more stable than the used in Puppy 431).

I built mplayer without DVD playing capability, as I have never been able to get that working right (mplayer can still play VCDs). I have left in Ogle specifically to fill that gap.

The end result is quite remarkable. This combo plays everything I have thrown at it, and plays everything properly. I've got a Lindows RealMedia video that played with garbled sound, now plays nicely. The 'sunrise.wmv' that I had trouble with gaps in the sound, now no gaps.

Beautiful! the iso is 91MB.

Note, one little hiccup is that with some files, mplayer displays an error window that a certain codec is missing, yet the video plays ok. What is happening is that mplayer is thinking a certain codec is required, however ffmpeg has the video and audio capability to play it. I would like to figure out how to suppress that error message window.


Mr Radical
Username: cthisbear
" radical options in Quirky 003 " I suggest no more Red Wine donations for BK. Good on you Barry....Chris.

Adobe Flash Plugin
Username: Terryphi
"Why not use Adobe Flash plugin It works perfectly for me in Quirky/Puppy. It is preferable to make provision for version upgrade too. The adobe .deb installs in /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin. Create a symlink to it from /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ and then users can easily upgrade to later versions simply by downloading and installing the .deb from Adobe.

suppress the errors
Username: disciple
"You might be able to suppress the error messages by starting with -really-quiet IIRC there is an equivalent line you could put in the config files.

Username: Tony
"Hi Barry, I think it's great you doing a multimedia version. Please could I ask that you consider SMPlayer as it is so configurable, Things like Multiple speed playback. You can play at 2X, 4X... and even in slow motion. It remembers the settings of all files you play You can easily configure every option of SMPlayer by using a nice preferences dialog. And loads of other really useful things. Many thanks Tony

Re Smplayer
Username: BarryK
"Tony, no, Smplayer needs Qt4 libraries, which Puppy/Quirky doesn't have as they are too big.

Flashplayer 10
Username: BarryK
"Ok, Woof now has /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin as a symlink to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. When the Adobe Flash .deb is installed, the file gets installed into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Yeah, as this is going to be a "multimedia special", I have upgraded to Flashplayer I've been testing it, stable so far.

Multimedia Quirky
Username: panzerpuppy
"Wow! MPlayer, ffmpeg SVN and Flash 10 :D Can't wait to take this puppy for a walk.

flash deps
Username: technosaurus
"Besides the extra size Flash10 does have some extra dependencies. As long as you are using gecko based browsers that have nss and nspr, Flash10 should be fine using the symlinks in /usr/lib...(like you already have set up) it only adversely affects remastering where people replace seamonkey with opera, midori, etc...those symlinks break. Compiling those separately and compiling mozilla browsers with --with-system-nspr and --with-system-nss etc... will prevent this and not add size

Gnome Mplayer
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry maybe next time try Gnome Mplayer, or Gmplayer, The package I made for upup played dvd's in upup ttuuxxx

Mplayer and DVDs
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, The problem that I always had with mplayer was I couldn't get the menu navigation to work. Yes, it's fine getting mplayer (or gmplayer) to play a DVD, but not the initial selection menu. If mplayer developers have fixed that problem, then good, I'll take another look at it. Quirky has Gmplayer, that comes with the mplayer package.

Mplayer SM deps
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, Yes, /usr/lib/seamonkey is in the library search path in Woof builds, so finds everything: [code]# ldd /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ => (0xffffe000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb6b52000) => /lib/ (0xb6b3b000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb6a3e000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb6a31000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb69ed000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb6988000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb6960000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb665f000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb65e7000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb65cf000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb65bb000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb65b2000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb657f000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb6526000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb6503000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb6500000) => /lib/ (0xb64fc000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb645b000) => /usr/lib/seamonkey/ (0xb635c000) => /usr/lib/seamonkey/ (0xb6338000) => /usr/lib/seamonkey/ (0xb6308000) => /usr/lib/seamonkey/ (0xb6305000) => /usr/lib/seamonkey/ (0xb6301000) => [/code]

Flashplayer SM deps, contd
Username: BarryK
"I meant flashplayer, not mplayer! Previous post was too long, the rest of it: [code]/usr/lib/seamonkey/ (0xb62cd000) => /lib/ (0xb62a5000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb6297000) => /lib/ (0xb6157000) /lib/ (0xb76ed000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb6142000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb613f000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb6138000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb6124000) => /lib/ (0xb6113000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb60f6000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb60f3000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb60e7000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb60e0000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb60d7000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb60d4000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb60d1000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb60cc000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb6081000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb6063000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0xb605b000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb5ff9000) => /lib/ (0xb5fe5000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb5fca000) => /usr/lib/seamonkey/ (0xb5fb1000) => /lib/ (0xb5fad000)[/code]

Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, I compiled dbus, dbus-glib, and gnome-mplayer, but it doesn't work. I have got the dbus daemon running, no errors reported. Gnome-mplayer starts without any error messages, but when I open a video file there is just an empty window. That's it, still no error messages, just an empty window.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I'll have a look next time I have Quirky running:) thanks for trying. ttuuxxx

Gnome-mplayer now working
Username: BarryK
"I sent an email to Kevin, and we sorted out what is wrong. I now have Gnome-mplayer working. I'll post more details soon.

gnome mplayer
Username: ttuuxxx
"That's great Barry Gnome Mplayer when I had Gnome Mplayer going on Upup-J fullscreen worked really nice, the taskbar on jwm would gradually scroll off the screen. even if Gxine didn't work fullscreen Gnome Mplayer did. ttuuxxx

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