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Retrovol 0.1, Xtmix 0.4

January 09, 2010 — BarryK
Pizzasgood has written a very nice volume control for the tray, with a popup mixer. Pizzasgood has achived a fully-featured mixer, as some other GUI mixers are somewhat lacking -- forcing us to use the ncurses text-mode AlsaMixer.

Forum thread:

Pizzasgood, I would like to make a request. Could you add a commandline option to bring up the mixer immediately -- and it would have to run with some other name than "retrovol" so that it doesn't get swallowed by the JWM tray. That would be really neat, then I can have a menu entry for the mixer.

EDIT: no sorry, Retrovol is not a window that gets swallowed, as in the example of Xtmix, so running the mixer as a different name doesn't apply.

Note that Quirky 003 has Xtmix, an oldy-but-goody. In /root/.jwmrc-tray there is this:

<Swallow name="xtmix-launcher">
xtmix -launch

...this causes a round volume control knob to display, that gets swallowed in the JWM tray (it's running name is "xtmix-launcher". Right-click brings up a mixer. There is also a menu entry, which launches 'xtmix' which brings up the mixer directly.
The Xtmix mixer is a bit light-on as far as slider controls goes, and that's the main disadvantage. What is really good is the tray applet uses few resources.

The Xtmix PET:

And the source:


Tray Volume
Username: gposil
Dpup uses a different system again, it's version of absvolume allows you to specify which mixer to use by right clicking on icon at top of scroll. [img][/img] Then you can left click this icon to chose Dpup's case it's the Gnome Alsa Mixer... Just thought you'd like to know.

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