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Seaside adventure

January 05, 2010 — BarryK
Man, it's 5am here and already so hot. I don't use air-conditioning in my house, just a fan. But when the air gets too hot, blowing hot air onto oneself just doesn't quite do it.

As the summer advances, the underground water supply pipe gradually warms, so I can't even have a cold shower, only a warm shower.

I do have one of those hole-in-the-wall reverse-cycle air-conditioners, but rarely use it. For one thing, it battles to cool even part of my weatherboard house. Then there's the 15-amp plug -- I don't have a 15-amp rated outlet.

I usually find it is better to just make use of nature. In the evening open all the windows and let the cool breeze blow through. Close the windows in the morning and use the fan when it gets a bit too hot.

The Indian Ocean is about 1.5 hours drive due West of my place, so that's where I'm heading. There's a little caravan and camping site on the coast directly West of here, named Leeman. I haven't been there for ages, can't recall what it looks like. Strangely enough, I have never before taken the direct route to the ocean from my home, always used to go to the beach at Perth.

I'm taking my tent, might stay overnight there. Or maybe not. Will just see what happens!


Username: upnorth
At first I was going to say that I envy you, UNTIL I read in your readme file that it was 43C! Is that 109.7F? I hope it's cooler at the sea. Anyhow, enjoy yourself and relax. You deserve it. Rhinelander, WI Current Local Conditions at: Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport Lat: 45.63 N Lon: 89.47 W Elev: 1663 ft Last Update: 01/04/10, 03:53 PM CST Light Snow: 16 F

Username: joe.c
"If you have low humidity,an Evaporative cooler should work well for you, I had family in Kansas and theirs worked very good. They use very little power. joe

bad in the UK too
Username: zygo
"Keep talking Barry, I can feel almost all my toes! (I'd post a cooling graphic from the met office for my location (UK) but I've discovered that mtpaint wont save in 431.)

Water Cooled Evaporative Air Conditioning
Username: x
"recommend those trolley mounted Water Cooled Evaporative Air Conditioning google maps shows there is a big lake between you and the coast. any swimming there? or how about one of these for under AUD300

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