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Universal source code highlighter

January 24, 2010 — BarryK
Forum member droope sent me a pm about this forum thread posted by Dingo:

The product is called Highlight and I found the home page:

Highlight supports these languages:

...Vala, but not Genie.

Droope was prompted to send me the pm as I had once requested such an export feature be added to Nicoedit (color highlighting exported to HTML) -- but that never happened.

I really want Genie, so still waiting. I see in the news page for Highlight that two languages have been added recently, so the author would probably be responsive to a request for Genie.


Blog CSS in ff 3.6
Username: Dejan
Hi Barry, this is not related to post, but it has been reported that your blog is not rendered ok in FF 3.6 so I grabed your style.css and header image, seems like if you commented this line in style.css: background-position: center, top; in div#all section - Line 41 it should fix the header, at least does on my local pplog install.

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