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US Money Order problem

January 25, 2010 — BarryK
Today I received a donation of US 20 Dollars, in the form of a US Postal Money Order.

Unfortunately, I cannot cash this. The postmistress at Perenjori made a telephone enquiry to find out if there is some way to cash it, but there isn't.

Hmmm, the fact that it has "negotiable only in the U.S. and possessions" printed on it is a hint!

The person who sent this has only identified themselves as:

Puppy Linux User
California, USA

...if you are that person, please contact me so that I can return the money order. Or, if you think that you know who that person is, please pass on this message.


US cheques
Username: Sage
Used to have this problem when I was in business. Two options I used were: Open a US/Intl a/c if expecting a lot of donations. [Bank of Ireland used to operate a $ a/c in many territories.] Send it to a friend in the US in return for goods eg cpu, memory strips, w.h.y. As you know, No-name countrymen are often unaware that there's a world beyond NYC.

US cheques (checks)
Username: BarryK
"My bank can handle foreign personal cheques (checks). I have received US personal cheques, and my bank can process them -- but there is a fee (I don't recall the amount).

US cheques
Username: Sage
"Ah, yes - they all do that, but you could find the fee >cheque. Over here, the fee can be as large as ~50, rarely <25. Hence my alternative solutions."25 Jan 2010, 21:10"01354'

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