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Woof uploaded, Jan. 26, 2010

January 26, 2010 — BarryK
This has the Manage System Services added to the BootManager (see previous blog post).

Today is Australia Day!

I went into town, a small group gathered for a couple of speeches, raising of the flag and we sang "Advance Australia Fair". The whole thing took about 15 minutes!

Australia Day originally commemorated the landing at Botany Bay (Sydney) by Captain Cook. Many Aboriginals think of it as "invasion day".


Username: daftdog
Not wanting to spoil the party but Australia Day commemorates the beginning of settlement in Australia, when Governor Arthur Phillip's First Fleet landed at Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788, not Captain Cooks 'discovery' of Australia in 1770. It seems you are not alone:,,24970635-953,00.html]Most confused about Australia Day meaning, poll showsAs Puppy has so many international readers I just wanted to set the record straight. As to the aborigines, who can blame them! They haven't had much to celebrate in the last 220 years. It was interesting to see that many aboriginal groups are treating Australia Day as a day to celebrate their own culture, the world's oldest living culture at that.

whoops again...
Username: daftdog
"The link in the above post should be:,,24970635-953,00.html Tried to get fancy with my links. Can't edit previous post.

Not Captain Cook
Username: BarryK
"daftdog, Thanks for putting me right! Actually, I can blame my daughter, as we were chatting on the phone about Australia Day and she said it was to commemorate Captain Cook's landing.,,24970635-953,00.html [i]CONTROVERSY lingers over whether Australia Day's date should change, but a poll shows most people don't know what it commemorates anyway.[/i]

Proclamation Day
Username: ozsouth
"I've always thought September 17 (Proclamation of Federation of Australia Day in 1900) would be a more universal OZ day, as that was when the world was told we were a nation.

oldest culture
Username: daftdog
"daftdog wrote: the world's oldest living culture at that x wrote: there are a few San in south africa that would dispute that they refer to themselves as the first people You may be right. I think the jury is still out. Maybe the geneticists will eventually prove it one way or the other. Of course calling themselves the 'first people' doesn't prove much. Some aboriginal tribes call themselves 'the people'; does that mean that none of us exist? And the Chinese believed they lived in the middle kingdom (between heaven and earth)! But I'm happy to give up the assertion of the 'oldest living culture' and say 'one of the oldest living cultures'. 8-)

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