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Xorg Wizard 'vesa' bugfix

January 11, 2010 — BarryK
I found a couple of bugs in the Xorg Wizard. After the user has chosen to test the video, a dialog window asks if want to change to the generic vesa driver -- but the button display <yes> <no> only instead of the appropriate labels. Furthermore, if the vesa generic driver is chosen, a following window after the next test states that the previous driver is still chosen. I fixed both bugs.

Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT
Sometime ago, my daughter gave me her old computer. Today is the first time I have plugged it in. No hard drive. What interests me about this PC is that it has an Nvidia card, a GeForce 6600 GT model.

Ok, I get video for both the 'nv' and 'vesa' drivers, however the ps/2 mouse is crazy -- pointer jumps one side of the screen to the other, or just moves horizontally along the bottom, or disappears entirely. Totally unusable.

Well, I'll google around, see if others have this problem.


Mouse fixed
Username: BarryK
I booted my daughter's PC with the Nvidia card removed, so it used the SiS video on the motherboard, and got the same mouse problem. So, replaced the PS/2 mouse with a USB mouse. Put back the Nvidia card. Booted up, and it's running fine. This is what I'm typing this blog post from. I'm using the Xorg 'nv' driver, which is the default choice. Running 1024x768 with 16-bit color depth. No problem with icons in the menu, as ttuuxxx reported. Will test Swfdec next...

Flash test
Username: BarryK
"Ok, still running the PC with Nvidia card, using the 'nv' driver. Testing at [b]Swfdec[/b] Chose a Flash video, SeaMonkey crashed. Tried again, SM seems to have hung. [b]Adobe player[/b] Downloaded the latest player. First video played, second video -- SM crashed. [b]Adobe player[/b] Downloaded "old trusty" PET package. Played 5 - 6 videos at youtube, no problem.

PS/2 mouse
Username: x
"use a PS/2 to usb adapter and then plug the PS/2 mouse into the usb port. or just get a usb mouse. linux and PS/2 mouse don't mix.

PS/2 mouse
Username: bigpup
"I am using a PS/2 mouse with no problems. Did you check the basic bios settings to make sure everything was set ok?

ps/2 mouse
Username: James c
" All I use is a ps/2 mouse, no problems at all in Puppy.

nvidia mouse bug
Username: growler
"I take it your issue was not related to this problem:

nvidia mouse bug
Username: growler
"I take it your issue was not related to this problem: I have an nvidia GeForce 6150 integrated chip in a barebone ASUS Pundit P1-AH1 and have always had this problem - the mouse disappears or occasionally goes wild as you described

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