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Experimental Puppy 4.3.2

February 08, 2010 — BarryK
I have built this using Woof, so it has the latest infrastructure, that is, all the underlying scripts. I also updated or added these packages:

915resolution, bones, cpu-scaling-ondemand, flashplayer10, grub4dos (instead of grub), lamesmbxplorer (instead of pnethood), ntfs-backup, pburn, pcd, pfind, pmusic (instead of aqualung), precord, pupradio, seamonkey_addone_flashblock, seamonkey_addon_user_agent_switcher, sfs-converter, util-macros, woo-ff, floppy-format

I am using it right now, and it is working fine. There is just one thing, a bug with ROX-Filer that plagued me awhile back with Quirky. When I built Quirky with GTK 2.18.3, ROX-Filer exhibited a problem in which file icons would stay shadowed/selected. For example, if I right-click on a file then choose to open it in the text editor, the file icon remains shadowed, even after the text editor is closed. It is effectively still "selected" and this has an adverse effect if you don't click in the window to de-select it, as if you for example click on some other file, the previous one is actually chosen -- awful!

In Quirky, I rolled back to GTK 2.16.6 and that fixed it. However, to my great surprise, I now have the problem in 4.3.2. I was thinking "oh no!!!!", but then I discovered that Woof built Puppy 432 with my latest GTK 2.18.3 packages. So, bear in mind that the ISO I have uploaded has the "wrong" version of GTK, which may also adversely affect some applications.

I'll do another build tomorrow.

Am I planning to release an official Puppy 4.3.2? No, I built this because the 'rdc' Xorg driver does not work in Xorg 7.5, which is what Quirky uses. I have installed 432 into the Gecko Edubook, but it turns out that the 'rdc' driver is too buggy so I'm only using the 'vesa' driver -- so I might as well have stayed with Quirky. that's how 432 came into being. As I have come this far, I'll fix the ROX-Filer problem, and might even recompile the kernel to add the elantech touchpad support that Jemimah wanted.

Anyway, if you feel like you want to play with it, get Puppy "unofficial" 4.3.2 with "wrong" GTK version here:

BUT, I must emphasise that some apps may be adversely affected by this later GTK. So please do not report that Abiword worked in 431 but has become strange in 432. If in doubt, wait and I'll upload 432 with the correct GTK in a day or two.

Note, after I have built 432 with correct version of GTK, I'll upload Woof that has been used to build this pup.


Playing with "unofficial" 4.3.x
Username: pakt
Thanks Barry. Look forward to playing with these experimental versions when I get my Edubook next week :cool: Btw, have you found any clues as to why XP can shut the Edubook off but not Linux?

the gtk bug
Username: 01micko
"That GTK/Rox bug exists in playdayz version of karmic-upup too. He built it from the Australia day woof release I think. Other than that, a pretty nice upup. Cheers

music player
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I did compile BMP audio player for Zigberts Stardust, Its a special version with ladspa/tap plugins, which a lot of users will enjoy, They are located in the preferences, It added 80kb to the pet but is 300% worth it :) and if you want windows media (WMA) then this 60kb plugin will do the trick finally if you want to go nuts and have mp4 support which many do, its a hefty 200kb pet, Probably too big of plugin, well its there if you need it :) ttuuxxx

Username: wombat01
"Barry have you considered including rerwin new wireless packages here: He has done some great work on these. Smokey01

Gecko can power down
Username: BarryK
"Pakt, Well, we have conflicting reports about XP, as kirk reported, LoneRifle's photos indicate XP doesn't, Kevin says it does. The GRUB4DOS default installation has "reboot" and "halt" menu entries. The "halt" choice actually does power down the Gecko. So, yes, it can be done. I guess as a last resort, we could look at the halt code in GRUB4DOS and then somehow implement that when Puppy shuts down. maybe extract that bit of code as a special shutdown utility. ...want a project? :happy:

rox fix ad Xdelta
Username: aarf
"direct link to paydayz fix ROX Xdelta fallen by the ways-side already?:(

Are the broadcom drivers 4312 wifi installed
Username: Shocastor
"I was using the standard version of puppy but my wireless adapter was not being detected. It is a Broadcom 4312 so I downloaded a test version from the discussion forum and boom it worked. Someone suggested that I try your test version to get my HDMI to work. Right now neither sound or video work from the HDMI but I'd like to have HDMI and wireless.

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