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Gecko: Adobe Flash player crashes

February 07, 2010 — BarryK
With my "432" pup, which has Adobe Flashplayer 10.x, it crashes when I try to play a video at In /tmp/xerr.log I see "illegal instruction".

So I tried Flashplayer9, same thing.

So I tried pskin's 431 pup, same thing.

Then I tried WattOS, and that works. WattOS has the Adobe player.

Just on the off-chance, I got the player out of WattOS and tried it in pup 431, still crashes.

So, it's something else. I suspect the MTRR registers. The kernel used in WattOS has MTRR disabled. I suppose that I could try that, recompile the kernel for Puppy with MTRR disabled.



Still crashing
Username: BarryK
"I have been through the exercise of compiling the kernel again. This is the kernel, and I disabled MTRR support. Makes no difference though, the browser still crashes. Yeah, I would say that the Adobe Flash player is compiled with expectations that the Xcore86 CPU cannot meet. I haven't finished yet. I'm now going to try Quirky built with the Swfdec Flash player.

Username: BarryK
"dogle, There has already been a long saga of testing Swfdec, reported on this blog. It doesn't come up to expectations. Anyway, on the Gecko, when Swfdec tries to play a video, SeaMonkey goes up to 95% CPU usage and the "video" never gets beyond a black rectangle.

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