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Gecko: DMP X-Linux

February 05, 2010 — BarryK
I have installed X-Linux, which is provided by DMP, the manufacturers of the Xcore86 CPU and the Gecko Edubook.

It's a simple console-only distribution (no X).

I installed it into sda2 of the SD card and made an entry in menu.lst. It booted okay.

I especially wanted to know if it would power-off the Gecko. Well, guess what, it doesn't!!!!! I typed "poweroff" at the prompt, it did the normal shutting down things, got down to "System halted" and that was it, no power-off.

But, I don't know how the software request to power-off actually works. Perhaps the fault is not on the actual circuit board but in the design of the power supply -- just guessing.

If DMP themselves can't do it, what can I say? I'm not going to rush into writing what I'm thinking. I'll keep investigating, and will post my conclusions on the Edubook in a couple of days.


Power Off
Username: bigpup
Barry, Does it power off by pushing a physical power on switch? If yes, could be design of system. One mechanical switch for power on/off.

Puppy Linux on edubook
Username: bigpup
"Barry, Found this where this guy got puppy to run on his edubook.

Power switch
Username: BarryK
"The power switch is as per all modern PCs, that is, it is "soft". Although mechanical, it does not directly switch the power. It has to be depressed for 4 seconds for the power to go off. And that's the annoying thing about it, having to hold down the power switch every time one wants to power down.

Puppy 431 on Edubook
Username: BarryK
"bigpup, That guy got the same Installation of Puppy 431 that I got, but he hasn't mentioned any of the bugs. I would like to find out from someone who has XP installed on the Gecko, whether it powers off.

Username: kirk
"Seems not:

Username: kirk
"Here's the root of the post above:

power off
Username: bigpup
"Barry, I was wondering if having to use the power switch to shut down, is designed in on purpose. This computer is designed for use by young kids and they may have made it this way for them. If they do something wrong, all they need to do is hit the power switch and get a reset. If this computer is given to someone who has never used one, they should understand a power switch and what it does. Also, keep in mind the simple power supply and control circuit, just may not have this function built in. By the looks of the screen for windows xp, it tells a new user when to shut down power. Remember when you where new to computers and all you where used to where things with power switches?

Edubook OS
Username: bigpup
"Barry, Have you tried this version of Puppy for the Edubook?

Gecko power-off
Username: BarryK
"Kevin, I'm puzzled, as kirk posted a link of photos from LoneRifle, with a caption stating that the Gecko does not power-off with XP. Are you sure that the green led on the extreme right at the front goes off?

Username: BarryK
"AC, The Gecko BIOS does not support ACPI, only APM. Anyway, I have satisfied my self that technically the Gecko is capable of powering off.

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