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Holiday in Melbourne, Quirky plans

February 18, 2010 — BarryK
In a couple of days I'm flying to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to visit my daughter. I'll be back home the following Friday. I got el-cheapo tickets, $100 each way with Tiger.

I would like to bring out Quirky 007, featuring new integrated networking. The plan is a new Internet Connection Wizard frontend GUI that seamlessly uses any of the networking tools, including Jemimah's Pwireless2.

However, I'm not quite there. Need a few more days. So, I'll have to wait until I get back before uploading Quirky 007.

So, that's what you can anticipate about one week from now. Not only does Quirky have the "play anything" multimedia as in 006, but will have the new integrated-with-Pwireless2-networking (which is actually in Woof).

If 2.6.33 is out by then, I will build with that too, which means possibly a new deal for Nvidia video hardware.

Public release version of Quirky
Although Quirky is my plaything, and each release has something completely new, I am planning to release an official public version sometime.

Quirky is registered at, and will be out of the "waiting period" soon.

Quirky is working so remarkably well on my Acer Aspire One 532h, that I'm planning a release specifically for that model and similar models. So, that will be the extent of the public release for now, a "Quirky Puppy" targeting that family of netbooks.

Hey, even the touchpad works perfectly as-is, absolutely no tweaking required. I was very surprised that the sensitivity is spot-on to suit me.

There are a few extra things I need to work on, such as the webcam and special keys.


Quirky 007
Username: Welcom
we are eagrly waiting for Quirky 007 with new kernal and many more. If possible, kindly include dial up modem driver also Thanking you in advance

License to code
Username: lobster
"The names Quirky - Puppy Quirky 007 Have a great holiday

Username: Sage
"Have a nice trip. Mind the poisonous critters in the sea. Take your own drinking water!

Quirky 007
Username: BarryK
"Welcom, As the planned public release of Quirky will be targeting a specific group of netbooks, they will only allow USB modems. So, I'll try and offer whatever USB dialup modem drivers are available. There are already a couple provided with the official kernel source. AC, Yep, Tiger Airways is one of our domestic airlines now. They consistently offer the lowest fares. Hmm, I wonder. I bought my tickets well in advance, as Tiger advertise savings in doing so. I just had a quick look to see what it would cost me now, if I wanted a ticket to fly out on Saturday, return following Thursday: $308 and $208. Wow, what a saving! I also just now checked Qantas, prices are $415 and $212. Interesting how it is much higher if you want to fly out in the next day or two.

Lightweight Kernel
Username: Jemimah
"Are you planning on building a lightweight netbook kernel? The Puppeee kernel runs well on the AAO (according to user reports), all it needs is the correct drivers for wireless. The .config is posted on my website. It's a bit out of date, but I will update it tonight. The Puppeee kernel+modules is about 7MB right now - that's with all drivers for USB devices, and with "optimize for size" turned off. It would probably save you a good deal of time and testing if you started from there. It was always my plan to add in additional drivers to support many more netbooks, but I don't have the resources to support it by myself, especially for hardware I don't own.

webam and touchpad
Username: Jemimah
"Should you want to tweak the touchpad, Flsynclient is the best program I could find that runs on Puppy. It's just a frontend for the synclient that comes with Xorg, so it could be rewritten without FLTK. You probably can't use GtkDialog though, because there's no good way to make a slider widget. Also worth checking out for the webcam is UcView. There are other options, but UcView has the most usable gui.

Drivers are king
Username: Raffy
"Many positive user feedback come in citing 100% ready/out-of-the-box experience with Puppy Linux 4.3.1 in their PCs. It will be good to sustain this characteristic of Puppy Linux (or Quirky, if Barry so prefers) in relation to the new netbooks and nettops. In this regard, kudos to Jemimah for getting a team (herself included!) to work on Puppy Linux in netbooks.

usb modems
Username: x
""they will only allow USB modems" bluetooth dongle to bluetooth (3g or gprs) phone fit in there somewhere?

USB modems only
Username: BarryK
"I was responding to the query about analog dialup modems. At least, that what I thought was being asked about.

Netbook kernel
Username: BarryK
"Jemimah, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think that I want to develop a netbook-specific kernel. I would rather keep it generic, but as modular as possible so that Woof could build for a specific netbook by leaving out unneeded modules. And if required, pass certain boot parameters, such as 'noapic', as required for a particular netbook.

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