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Linux 2.6.33 kernel

February 28, 2010 — BarryK
The final of 2.6.33 is released! I would like to compile it and then stick with it for sometime, so it would be best if I waited until ...but that could be weeks away!

Well, I might wait a couple more days, in case they bring out an urgent upgrade.

I want to release Quirky 007, featuring Jemimah's Pwireless2 and integrated network setup management. But, I want to recompile the kernel, as I need to apply some patches to it. Also, I'm keen to see how Nvidia video support has progressed (with the kernel nouveau module).

I'll tentatively target 007 for release a few days from now.


jsut do it
Username: 01micko
Hi Barry Just compile it! You know you want to because you did it with the RC8! A couple of days won't make any difference. Besides, you can play with this one (as can the rest of us for awhile) until they really iron out the bugs at around . Or, you could fix the termite problems, the windmill, the various other things that probably need doing and then will be out before you know it. Yeah, it's kind of a dare... wait if you can! We are all as keen as you. Cheers

PS/2 touchscreens
Username: tempestuous
"Barry, when configuring the next kernel, would you consider a setting for PS/2 touchscreens? Several users have sent me PM's asking for help with their PS/2 touchscreen, but it requires kernel-level support (asssuming PS/2 mouse support continues to be compiled within the kernel, not as a separate module). The setting is at Device Drivers > Input device support > Mice > eGalax TouchKit PS/2 protocol extension I see there are 2 more mouse options there, too: Elantech PS/2 protocol extension OLPC PS/2 mouse protocol extension

2.6.33 changes
Username: BarryK
"tempestuous, my compile of 2.6.33-rc8 has ps/2 mouse as a module, requested by Jemimah. But, it gets loaded in the initrd. I'll check the extra option that you want, next time I compile it. Here is a summary of the changes in 2.6.33:

Username: kirk
"Barry, Make sure you set CFG80211_WEXT=y in your config or many wireless modules won't work. That's a new option for 2.6.33.

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